Exclusive: hands-on the beta of Kinect We had the great honor to try the beta version of Kinect and the new dashboard, all thanks to our regular visitor, who asked to remain anonymous has enabled us to go to his house to try this revolutionary new.

Note: the article is posted in original italian language.

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xavier-tooth2647d ago ShowReplies(4)
mcstorm2647d ago

Good to here that they did not see any lag and a good read too. I can't wait for direct to come out getting it on day one and I also think ms are going to do some big things with it over the next 12 months.

tinybigman2647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

on 1UPs podcast i think that Peter M, and Rare BEGGED M$ for a controller even if it has ONE button. M$ told them no because it would look like they are wrong.

personally i do see some kind of controller coming down the line for this camera.

2647d ago
Jay-Tech2647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

Move = $50 & Works with any game
Kinect $150 & Does not work with you or your games

Who's smarter?

KratosGirI2647d ago

You certainly aren't, Pyro's new account.

SeanRL2647d ago

I love how an intelligent comment from mcstorm where he mentions being fairly impressed with Kinect has a bunch of disagrees but Jay-tech's comment doesn't.

DigitalRaptor2646d ago

That because Mcstorm's comment is naive, whilst Jay-tech's comment is realistic.

lashes2ashes2647d ago

i have kinect and im sorry but there is lag

tinybigman2647d ago

are you in the industry or did you get one really early?

aviator1892647d ago

I find it hard to believe that since so many people here lie about so many things that they do.

tiamat52647d ago

No one ever sees any lag until you see video footage. They claim its perfect and never have any video proof of it working flawlessly. Now excuse me have to get back to digging a big hole to bury Mircosoft's new phone and KInect units. The funeral is right after Christmas. Bring snacks.

kazman2647d ago

nice response buddy!! troll harder jack a$$

ASSASSYN 36o2647d ago

"They claim its perfect and never have any video proof of it working flawlessly."

And then suddenly... without any warning a video appears below.

DigitalRaptor2646d ago

"Video unavailable"

Nice proof :p

ASSASSYN 36o2646d ago (Edited 2646d ago )

Maybe you should click the related video link. It works just fine or your computer just sucks.

Hallmark Moment2647d ago

Looks like *xavier-tooth* didn't read jack.

*tiamat5* looks like he needs Kinect to fail giving meaning to his life.

kazman2647d ago

well said hallmark bubs+ to you.

Blackpool2647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

u seem to be hurt wen som1 makes fun of kinect. u have post 3 comments already.. i hate motion controls move and kinect but cmon!! ur telling me kinect will be a win... if u say dat ur a true fanboy.

kazman2647d ago

no i am not hurt just pisses me off. here we have a well written review of kinect, but most of the trolls here never even read the article they just post crap as usual. about a product they are not even interested in purchasing. (you know this! i know this!) some of us think kinect will be awesome !! and that isn't a fan-boy statement! that's my personal opinion, so your saying that all these guys here say that move is a win but kinect is fail! aren't fanboys? so are you saying move will be a win?

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The story is too old to be commented.