Xbox 360, PS3 will ultimately win, Wii to fade into obscurity

Nintendo certainly has a winner on its hands for the time being. The Wii is still very hard to find unless you are willing to pay exorbitant prices for it on eBay. However, Nintendo is currently running a great game of great marketing patly due to the unique Wiimote motion controller. Analysts say these novelties cannot last forever and the Wii may well end up being tossed aside after a couple more years, or sooner.

The company was all but betting on the motion controllers and games like WiiSports to sell the units and it has but some have doubts that Nintendo can turn this into an on-going success. One of the things mentioned in the original article and elsewhere are the Wii's antiquated graphics, I still say they are little better than the original Xbox.

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jay34055d ago

The PS3 will eventually win. But damn, do i hate these prediction things.

I predict that Armageddon will really happen. 2 WEEKS FROM NOW!

It's like saying that really.

Plus, it's kind of annoying because things like this start fanboy wars. Which are just the same as every other one...

But anyway, Approved.

MADGameR4055d ago

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Ri0tSquad4055d ago

If you are well then damn you almost got me.

CrazzyMan4055d ago

Saying THIS is a devil`s mark, and won`t make for themselves. I think, this will work in democratic usa. =)

ps3 will ofcourse win, because many favourite ps2 games will have their sequels on ps3. =)
that is a main reason for winning, people will want to play their favoutrite games on nextgen system with nextgen grapghics.
gt5, mgs4, ffxiii, getaway3, ratchet, jak, gow3, wipeout, team ico game, tales of.., disgaea, tekken and etc. :)

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EasilyTheBest4055d ago

This kind of stuff gets posted alot, but why does everyone think the PS3 will win out in the end?
I just don't get it. My prediction is the 360 will win this year and still be in the lead right up to Christmas 2008. Yes after that time I can see the PS3 starting to catch up once the price of the machine is right down. The thing is Microsoft isn't going anywhere.
Microsoft is probably one of the few companies that can eventually win out to Sony.
2009 will see Xbox360 and PS3 right down in price but I see the next generation of machines being talked about then, guess who will be 1st out of the block.
Yep. Microsoft. After doing so well against Sony this gen, software companies will be right there with Microsoft next Gen.
Its my (opinion) being a business person I really cant see how Sony can get back to the dominance they once had with PS1 an PS2.

Fisher3394055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

No one is expecting Sony to Rule like it did with ps2 and ps1.

Most ppl are expecting them to hold the largest market share, which means a win.

Edit: as a PS3 and a Wii owner, I still think its too close to call.

Wii sports is great when friends are over. And PS3 is fun to play between work and School.

jay34055d ago

I just have a feeling that Sonys gonna do something big...

I don't know what it is...Maybe because MS is relatively new to gaming so they might slip up...

Or maybe Sony will just steal some more stuff from MS

MarioFromTexas4055d ago

The PS2 has sold just as many as 360 since it launch, and that with the 360 so called great games. Sony is still selling consoles whether it's the PSP, PS2 or PS3. PS3 has sold 5.5 million units since launch and that's with the high price and one can assume with the price droping on a yearly basis it will continue to sell more and more, especailly with the AAA games and with people wanting to make the HD jump. Out side from this year, and with blu ray taking off the 360 sells will continue to decline rapidly. Let's be honest for a minute, with the PS3 offering better features and free online at the same price as a 360 with a $50 subscription yearly how can M$ expect people to buy the 360....Remember I said this, By the 2008 holiday PS3 will have double 360 total sales and surpass the wii...I'm selling my 360 now while it holds some value, I recommend you do the same

Clinton5144055d ago

Without worldwide marketshare, please do explain how one can pull off a "win"?

aslucher4055d ago

you do know that Sony had software support last gen? if you think the software supporters follow the winner, you are wrong????? where are they now with the ps3???

Ri0tSquad4055d ago

That is a key part of there plan. Getting those ps2 ppl to buy a ps3 since theres a very lage user installed base with the ps2. That could be why everyone is saying ps3 will win.

greenlynxx4055d ago

I find your reasoning extremely flawed. Let me help you out here. The PS3 is unlikely two win for a number of reasons. The first reason is price. Due to its much higher price point and the fact that with ever price drop of the PS3 the 360 can follow suite is a major blow. As such it will probably be several years before they become cost competitive with each other. Additionally, because the 360 is most likely to reach the sweet spot, $200 to $250, long before the PS3 this presents another challenge for the PS3.

I believe it is incorrect to view Blue Ray as a major asset. The increased cost of the PS3 due to the BR drive easily offsets the value of its inclusion in the console. As time goes on and BR players become less expensive more people will be using dedicated players. It is a known fact that few people use their console movie players as their main method for watching movies. So the cheaper the stand alones become the less reasons there are for the PS3 and movies. Don't give me any crap about BR being needed for games. Even if that were true the average person, the ones who dominate industry sales, don't give a crap about 1 or 2 disc games. That fact that the Wii is selling so well is proof of that the average consumer is clueless.

Your argument that Live costs money while Sony's poor equivalent is free is again flawed. First of all PSN has to first match Live in quality before it becomes a real threat. Second of all, lets assume that PSN actually reaches Live, unlikely as it might be, all that MS has to do to combat PSN's price advantage is make live free. End of story.

The only reason the PS3 might actually win will be because of brand loyalty. Both consoles either have great games(360,) or will have great games (PS3). They are similar in capabilities. They each have their strengths and weaknesses but none so dominating as to for a major win over the other. I think that the biggest advantage is price and the 360 has that one in the bag. So unless brand loyalty will eventually rule the day I just don't see how the PS3 will be triumphant.

beavis4play4055d ago

you could be right. but ms has lost an industry record 18 billion dollars to date in gaming. even if they do "win", with these kinds of losses, they'll never show a profit. is it worth it for ms?

QuackPot4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

So you are a businessman.

Which company would you favour or would like to deal with? A Company that is use to competition and has a reputation for providing quality goods ** OR ** a company that has had a monopoly for the last 20 years and been taken to court by governments for it and has a reputation of providing an inferior good that is insecure and unstable.

Now, which console are you backing? Which company do you want to be dominating the next gen game console market? Or are you one of those businessmen who loves and adores monopolies? Not me. I love companies that are use to competition and dont use any monopolistic practises like a well know American Company does. Hmmmmmmm?
I wonder which company Iḿ talking about?

Of course your businessman skills would have identified millions of Ps2 owners sitting on the fence waiting for the right price and games before finally buying a console. You would have taken into account brand loyalty, of course? Because those fence-sitters certainly arent waiting for the xbox 360 as it already has a good price, lots of good games and a great net service.

So the Ps3 to eventually win??? You serious doubt that? And you call yourself a businessman?

The Wii will sell bucket loads but that will eventually fade once mindblowing next gens games start pouring out and the wii-mote is copied. Of course the Ps3 wont sell as well as the Ps2 due to the competition in the Wii & xbox 360. But it will win nonetheless. This is my thoughts - a fellow businessman.

Itś all obvious really to the open minded.

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ChickeyCantor4055d ago

........this website should get a new tab: people from the future with their "facts".

blegh these things are approved like millions of times its getting saD!

laryforlife4055d ago

It's extremely too close to call and if you made a call right now, you would say the wii or the 360 is going to win and the ps3 is already in trouble. how can you make a prediction like this, I am going to wait and see how it plays out not trust an article on what to buy, i'll probably be safe and buy them all

alexander22rednaxela4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

I advise all of you to see early analyst predictions of the previous generation. They are not very accurate.

Analysts also said DS was a fad and that`s proven wrong, they just can`t stand the fact that Wii is here to stay.

I have them all 3, and my favorite has been 360 this far, though I do expect that to change mid-late 2008 when PS3 releases it`s larger titles. The Wii is perfect for the RAD retro gamer.