PSBeyond Review: Playstation Move

Sony has done its part to make PSMove the light that makes the PlayStation 3's future much brighter. The rest is up to the game developers

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Chaostar2813d ago

Pick my Move up this friday, may possibly blog about using it with Sports Champions and RUSE for anyone interested. Was hoping Socom was gonna be a launch title but if they need time to make it even better then so be it.

Tumble might be worth a DL too :)

Heartnet2813d ago

I got Ruse for psmove also :) picking mine up friday also haha :)

morganfell2813d ago

Played the Ruse demo this morning - going to pick it up now and then my Move kits on Friday.

akiraburn2813d ago

Hey guys, I figured I would just drop you the info in case you hadn't heard, but a lot of Best Buys apparently got the Move in stores and have it on retail already. It's not a guarantee, so I would suggest giving a call up to the specific store if it's more than a 10 minute drive away, but in case you are really too stoked to wait till Friday you might have another option. I personally called my store up just now and they confirmed that they have the units, and I'm heading over there momentarily to grab a couple. If there's any complications, I'll let you all know.

akiraburn2813d ago

Alright, I hope my info helped someone, but in my specific case, even though I was told that it was there, and in stock, and ready to be sold to me, they retracted that statement entirely and said that it was technically "in-stock", and that they were sorry that the employee mistakenly told me that they were ready to be sold, and that they had a big label on their shipment that indicated street date release of the 17th. I'll be checking a couple other Best Buys, and I hope someone else has had some luck here.

Ravage272813d ago

i'm definitely interested in knowing just how much the Move adds to the Ruse experience. Was planning to skip Ruse and buy UnderSiege(PSN game) instead, but a good impression might sway me over :)

blusoops2813d ago

but i'm still waiting to see how Under Siege does with the reviewers.

Hairy Chewie2813d ago

Picking mine up Thursday, thank you Australian release date. Going to check out Sports Champions and Tumble I think.

DaTruth2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

Is there a date on Sorcery? I haven't seen much to justify me picking this up until Sorcery, but if it's close, I'll pick it up and play some Sports Champions and RE5 until release(never got around to RE5 and now I have a good reason).

Edit: Sports Champions isn't bundled in? That will seriously effect my purchasing choice.

avengers19782813d ago

March 1st 2011, it's gonna be a wait, but it'll be worth it the game looks amazing. A true reason to purchase the Move.

Shadowstar2813d ago

It depends on where you live. Sports Champions is bundled on the North American release, but I don't think it is for the rest of the world...

2813d ago
FunAndGun2813d ago

Thanks for the info akiraburn!

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polygamia2813d ago ShowReplies(2)
Ceasar2813d ago

Kinnect is more innovative and it'll outsell sony's dildo. Preordered mine at amazon. Sony can't change anything now. They failed this generation

8-bit2813d ago

LMAO! Ok enjoy your rail based games. I know I enjoyed them in the 90s when I played House of the Dead and again when I played Antigrav. Kinect is a step backwards with limiting controls. I will keep my buttons thanks

kingjoker342813d ago

nice to bring up natal and wii in a ps move article. good going troll.

Verminox2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

Why do you care about sales? As long as the product works and people enjoy using it, does it matter if X sells more then Y?

a08andan2813d ago

And how can you complain? I mean, by your logic you get a motion control AND a dildo. Isn't that awesome? Something for gaming and something to spice up your sex-life with :)

saint_john_paul_ii2813d ago

i play sales too when i have M$ stocks....

finbars752812d ago

How much will it cost for lag and kiddie games???Just curious how Kinnect will outsell something that works?Thanks for coming out.Oh by the way pseye for the ps2 did what kinnect is trying to do years ago maybe MS should give sony a call for some help that way they they can keep up with the next generation.The earlier the better.

btk2812d ago

Kinect would outsell move if it launched first - but that is not going to happen. People will see Move and Kinect side by side - and Kinect sales is going to suffer.

Funny how XBox fans hammer on the sales and not on the functional tech side.

And what is the incentive to buy Kinect exactly? A number of similar sports games that is better on the Wii, a number of fitness games and a few dancing games. None that seems to work very well - but that could appeal to the casual crowd - just that the asking price is a bit high for the casual crowd.

jneul2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )


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8-bit2813d ago

I plan to pick up my Move on friday but I don't think I am interested in the launch titles much :| I am more interested in using Move for LBP2, GT5, Killzone3 and Socom.

RankFTW2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

Aye same here mate, I've got my Move and the sub controller already paid for but I'm not getting any games for Move this Friday, so think I'm going to have fun navigating the XMB with it heh.

Jay-Tech2813d ago

does he move review scores get totaled on metacritic

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