Exclusive Call of Duty 4: Multiplayer Beta Footage

Video of some multiplayer gameplay from First to Play event in Hollywood California.

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ddcab3864d ago

So is this the Ps3 version or xbox 360 cuz I thought the beta was exclusive to 360. Why is it on psu website? Just a question, not trying 2 start a flame war.

AngryHippo3864d ago

i'm not too sure, i think its the 360 version but we should all know that they will be identical and so are using the footage to show PS3 owners what it will be like....i maybe wrong but thats what i think anyway.

Clinton5143864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

Everyone should also understand what is happening is a closed PUBLIC beta with the 360 version. The PS3 version is still obviously being beta tested but not by the public.

MoonDust3864d ago

They had a event and PSU was there to try the beta, on the 360.
The game is going to be the same in all platforms.

xCAPTSTONERB91x3864d ago

there both the same but i think the beta is only 360....when the hell are they gona release it anyways........wink wink

razer3864d ago

photorealistic. It gives me hope that this game won't turn out to be GRAW 2 in a FPS view. Can't wait to play the beta!

Scrooge3864d ago

I'm trying to sign up for the beta but you have to be a member of the Charlie Delta site before you can sign up, but they won't send me a membership confirmation email. I've tried and tried but I guess there's no hope if the damn site doesn't want me to be a member.

Daxx3864d ago

The multiplayer looks really tight.

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