Mirror UK Review: Halo: Reach

The Halo series pretty much wrote the rule-book on what we've come to love about 1st person shooters on consoles.

Developers Bungie created a rich world full of unique sci-fi lore, blockbuster set-pieces and the tightest controls and multiplayer modes yet seen.

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Counter Strike2565d ago

AWESOME SCORES! Must be this year GoTy

Blaze9292565d ago

most definitely my Game of the Year. Was Mass Effect 2 but not definitely Halo: Reach.

and yes, I do have the game so stfu before you go "goty for something you haven't even played?"

WhittO2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

Seriously, Halo Reach prob deserves a 5/5, but i NEVER trust anything what Newspapers over here (UK) say about anything tech/game related as its always 80% of the time incorrect lol.
You would think they would do more research when publishing info that is clearly incorrect ALL the time!!

So to me the Mirror's review is totally worthless and means absolutely nothing lol, the fact IGN etc have gave it fantastic reviews is all we need to know..

bumnut2565d ago

Halo 3 got 10/10 and that was crap, i don't believe reviews these days.

Johnny_Bravo2565d ago

Remember Reach 9.14.10

The day even Sony skips work to play Reach.

HDgamer2565d ago

You got some serious issues if you keep bringing sony up in every article.

ChronoJoe2565d ago

He actually even went as far as to try and troll me, in PM.

T9X692565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

I could imagine Kevin Butler playing Reach, going "Yay Buttons!". I would seriously laugh my ass off.

EDIT: If he does, that will make my day. I personally don't care to much for KB, but if he did something like that, I would die laughing.

HeroXIV2565d ago

LMAO. I kinda hope he does tweet about Reach now, obviously not slandering it, because Major Nelson (Xbox/M$ paid employee) said he was playing Uncharted 2.

Jaces2565d ago

A good games a good game, no ones going to argue that. ;)

2 more days till I get my copy!!

peeps2565d ago

lol i was considering booking the day off work since i've done it the past for big releases but got a training day lol ah well

ELite_Ghost2565d ago

im a ps3 only owner, but reach is still a game to play. No matter if u hate 360 or not (which I do), if you're a gamer, then u play it and surely enjoy most of it.

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xavier-tooth2565d ago

great game but just not enough to consider buying a new 360 just for this game alone.

GameOn2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

I agree. You'd at least need to buy some of the other awesome games too. I guess it depends on what you can afford.

2565d ago
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