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Gamer 365: If we look at the lenght of the campaign, then Reach is a little bit short to being able to qualify as an honorary Halo 4 (6-10 hours for the first time, depending on the difficulty), but the quality is at the maximum in every other way - Bungie have put the last drops of its knowledge into the Halo formula for this goodbye. The final result deserves huge appreciation, and a few years later, when we will look back to the greatest games of the generation, we will definitely remember Reach."

- Varied campaign with a perfect pace
- Extermely powerful mood
- Amazing atmosphere
- Better graphics
- Armor Ability is a great invention
- Hungarian references

- A little bit short

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2721d ago
Greycat_James2721d ago

Not sure that the length of the campaign really matters considering the huge amount of other stuff thrown in there. While I would love more story, (Is a Halo Lore living encyclopedia) the game has serious longevity with Firefight, Forge World and competitive multiplayer. Not to mention the opportunity to use matchmaking for almost all of the game. (Minus Forge and Theatre)

Then again, that explains the 9.5.