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The story of Halo REACH brings us back to the beginning of Bungie's epic Halo saga. The planet Reach is the center of the interstellar fleet center for military research and cradle of life for all Spartans. You are Noble 6, the newest member of the Noble team to defend REACH against the attacking Covenant forces. Without revealing more of the exciting story going on offense in and around the Reach. Here you are fighting with the rest of Noble Team up to Reach succumb to numerous Covenant forces.

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Johnny_Bravo2899d ago

At this rate Halo Reach might end up with more perfect scores than any game.

Motorola2899d ago

lol ok. i dont think so. But it is getting a ton of good reviews

xavier-tooth2899d ago ShowReplies(1)
frelyler2899d ago

Score the Halo series serperately, one for the online which obviously does deserve a 10 because every other company out there copies the formula, yet Bungie still finds ways to inovate it. The other should be the sinle player component, I know some will complain this is a dumb idea, but I feel like the single player should be as strong as the online and in my opinion it never has been, therefore as a whole I do not think this should get perfect scores, in the same way COD does not deserve perfect scores, because it is not the "total" package. Not trying to take away, but I think some reviewers should be reeled in and contemplate this fact before handing out scores that only the greatest package's deliver, which in my opnion has not happened yet in the history of gaming.

DeFFeR2899d ago

The campaigns for Halo: CE and Halo 2 were phenomenal (other than the boss fight and cliffhanger in 2)

Halo: CE had LAN and splitscreen only - still a great time, but nothing like online multiplayer.

Halo 2 wasn't the first game to have online multiplayer on consoles, but it really brought the bar up. This was THE game to play online in 04-05.

Things have evened out since then with most FPS copying the formula laid out by Halo 2.

I guess my point is that Halo CE and 2 had awesome campaigns, and rightfully deserved their review scores.

Halo 3 wasn't my favorite Halo, but mainly because it was just more of the same. I like that the graphics were slightly better, but following the steps of GeOW, it should have looked astounding. The gameplay was good, but it felt too much like everything we'd played before. Even the last level - why was it 95% the same as Halo: CE?

The multiplayer for Halo 3 was great - just like Halo 2 was. The support for playlists, doubleXP weekends, new game modes etc makes this one of the deepest online shooter experiences. Not to mention the addition of Forge and Theater mode. And then to include community made maps in the regular rotation just puts the icing on the cake.

I've gone on terribly too long, but I wanted to break down MY review scores in your format (one for SP, one for MP...)

Halo: CE
97 - SP
90 - MP (100 with online support and a nerfed magnum)

Halo 2
92 - SP (HATE Cliffhangers... and boss levels in shooters)
99 - MP (Nothing is perfect, but this was close...)

Halo 3
87 - SP (Too much unoriginality (last level, sniper level etc.) and the graphics were good, but nothing like other games that came out before (GeOW for ex.))
96 - MP (Picked an arbitrary number in the mid/late 90s - it's great multiplayer)

frelyler2898d ago

I never said the SP was terrible, just that it never matched the MP which most reviews are based on. You backed up my claim by showing that the single player never matched the MP and you also forgot the terrible ODST in YOUR review which had the weakest SP of them all. As far as 2 getting a 92 though the cutscenes were so dijointed and the story was not as fleshed out as it should have been, meaning it does not deserve more than an 85 because there has to be a coherent story for it all to flow, I know the story is simple, but the cutscenes were definitely off in two. Regardless I think more sites should review Halo and COD just like you did and thank you for breaking it down, more sites should follow suit. I just don't like to see scores handed out on false pretenses to the public. If this was any other seires it would get bashed for being to similar and not evolving enough. I just wish the brand was not a consideration in scores, I think the content and seeing what is new abd innovative is important and a lot of people lose sight of this just because of a name. I can buy Nikes for $80 or go to the Saucony outlet and get better shoes for $30, you tell me which one makes more sense.

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SL1M DADDY2899d ago

Not bad but Modern Warfare 2 ended with a 94 so here's hoping that Halo makes a few more perfect scores to keep up with the big guns.

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