Vanquish: New Jungle-Screenshots Released

Sega released new screenshots for its upcoming Shinji Mikami-Shooter Vanquish. Jungle inside!

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KillerPwned2747d ago

The demo was really good i cant wait to find this game cheap i will deff get it. Its one of those games you think is gonna suck but is actually really good just not worth $60.

Fatal Blow2747d ago

I have this game on pre-order differently will be getting this game on day 1

chazjamie2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

for f*cks sake. i cant stand this translate shit.

jmmurillo862747d ago

I loved the demo. Great in quality, I hope it doesn't disappoint in quantity: it is what sets rentals apart from purchases.

asyouburn2747d ago

mikami's name literally means "replay value" in japanese. (not really, but his games always have a ton of stuff)

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