Halo: Reach Multiplayer Review (2Old2Play)

2old2play's editor Derek "DSmooth" Nolan examines Halo: Reach's meaty multiplayer and is completely blown away by it.

Excerpt: "Overall, I am amazingly happy with what Bungie has done with Halo: Reach. They have taken the already high bar set by Halo 3 (and Halo 2 before that), taken the few good things that were in ODST, combined them all, improved upon them, and laid an amazing golden egg.

Reach, for me, is the new bar by which other console FPSes will and should be judged against. Even with the limited player pool available to me during the pre-release review period, I never had a shitty game, I never lagged out, and I always had a blast.

Kudos to Bungie. Your Halo swansong is a grand slam!"

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Skadoosh2893d ago

Halo Reach easily gets mutliplayer of the year and possibly the best multiplayer experience of this gen.

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