Halo: Reach - Reviewers Closing Comments

The Halo: Reach embargo lifted and with it came an overload of reviews to read. Most don’t have time to read them all but find the closing comments is all you basically need from the review. It gives you, in a nut shell, the feeling and passion the reviewer got from the game if any. Let’s find out how Halo: Reach left some of the reviews feeling.

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N2G2147d ago

so much hype for so much average shooter.

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Cerberus292147d ago

I wished reviews didn't have the number scores attached to them. That way more people would actually READ the reviews. Besides, if one game gets a 9.4 and another gets a 9.5, where does that 0.1 come from? Can the reviewer point to one thing in the game and say "That right there makes this game 0.1 better than that game." I doubt it.

All this does is give fanboys more shit to argue about.

But anyway, Reach looks awesome! Can't wait for tomorrow night.

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