Gamenoob: Preowned - Win Or Epic Fail?

The issue of preowned games is a controversial one. There are many positives and negatives for the consumer, the game shops, but also for game developers and publishers.

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tdrules2897d ago

When it comes to console games I buy new cos I only buy them on release and they usually have offers (Halo Reach for 28 quid!)
However when it comes to my PC, I mainly buy Steam Sale items and Blizzard games, which are cheap cheap cheap new ;D

All in all, used games don't serve a purpose in my life

2897d ago
Nate-Dog2897d ago

Neither. Some people don't buy preowned, some people buy lots / nearly all games preowned. I realised that of my PS3 collection (12 games), 6 are preowned.
And of my PS2/PS3 collection (17), 10 are preowned.

Some can afford to always buy new and prefer to do it that way, others can't afford it and don't, that's just how it is. There are other things to consider too, like if you're looking for a relatively old game and if you're able to find a copy of it new or not.

I like to try and find deals myself as often as possible so used games are playing a big part for me in my gaming life.

zireno2897d ago

If I can buy a used car without having to worry about the carmakers going broke or not receiving my money then I can do the exact same thing with games. I buy about 50% of my games new and they are mostly exclusives because I know that I won't regret the purchase, the other 50% are used and multiplats, most of them great games but once in a while I get this feeling of great joy because I got a game for 15- 20 bucks that was crap instead of buying it for 60 on release and new.

I just can't see the great dilemma that gamers come up with about the developers not getting what they deserved when they buy used products every now and then, it's just dumb.

Also, I don't buy my used games at gamestop or stores like them, I mostly buy from ebay because I like buying my games from gamers directly and giving them a little more than what they would get from trading at a store. they get more money, I get cheaper games, everyone is happy :)

ReBurn2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

There are two sides to every coin. Sure, publishers and developers don't get a piece of used game sales. But a lot of people trade their old games to be able to purchase brand new copies of new releases. So in that case used games subsidize often overpriced new games, and developers and publishers do get money from that.

Used games are an important part of the video game economy, and without them I bet we'd see new game sales decrease as people wait for prices to drop. But developers and publishers would never admit that.

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