Columbia: A City Divided

GameInformer: "A Civil War has broken out amongst the citizens of Columbia. We introduce you to the two factions fighting over the heart of the city."

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TheLastGuardian2782d ago

This game will be mind blowing. I hope they pull off making you feel like your high off of the ground, about to fall to your death.

Sevir042782d ago

I didn't care for the original bioshock, and i gave a huge "meh" to bioshock 2 and for good reason! But i'm very interested in this one. i dont know what it is but i am hyped for this!!!

Bobbykotickrulesz2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

The first Bioshock was excellent and I'll be really surprised if they top it with this game in terms of atmosphere and story. Gameplay and graphics? Yeah I could see them easily topping Bioshock in that department.

I'm hoping all the best for this game because Biosuck 2 was a disappointment in my opinion.

TheLastGuardian2782d ago

Please, If your going to say Bioshock 2 sucks, at least say why you think that. Bioshock 2 was not as good as the original but that doesn't mean it sucks. The atmosphere wasn't the same but the gameplay was improved and the story was great.

Sevir042782d ago

Its cool. I'll be getting into this one. this isn't a sequel to the first of the second but a re-branding/re-imagining of the game. thats why it's no longer in rapture.

and many agreed as well as i did that Bioshock didn't need a 2. because the game wrapped itself up pretty well.

I passed on Bioshock 2 because i couldnt go back to rapture having played the original.

LinuxGuru2782d ago

The first Bioshock was great...for some reason, the second game just didn't draw me in.

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Redgehammer2782d ago

find it very interesting that you did not like Bioshock 1

SSKILLZ2782d ago

Bioshock 1 was amazing and 2 was a realy good sequel , minervas den was cool and this game looks like it has that spark and energy that bioshock 1 has

stuntman_mike2782d ago

one thing the 2k guys now how to do, thats make a game with a fantastic atmosphere that pulls you in. and infinite looks like its gonna do more of the same. cant wait.

i'll miss andrew ryan, cohen and the rest they were excellent characters.