F1 2010: Interlagos, Heavy Rain - 10 Minutes Of Pure Gameplay

A new Gameplay-Video for F1 2010 shows about ten minutes of pure gameplay at interlagos with heavy rain. Go check the link. Looks great.


It's a video. No new screenshots.

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RedDragan2748d ago

The Physics leave a lot to be desired. The car should have spun out several times.

daffo2748d ago

especially in those conditions. the graphics/weather effects look awesome though, its like watching it on tv. only thing wrong is in the replay the car driven is the only one that kicks up water off the road, though this will probably be fixed.

RedDragan2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

True, graphically it does look amazing! And as this was not the retail version (I assume it was a demo) then it would have been on a easy setting for reviewers.

I am willing to accept that in hard settings the spin outs in wet would be far more likely.

FishCake9T42748d ago

The guy was more likely playing it on arcade. They have said in many interviews that you can choose the physics making it realistic or arcadey.

Si-Fly2748d ago

Think you should also remember that it's not stupidly hard to keep an f1 car in a straight line when you've got the full wets on in the rain, it's when they're caught out on slicks that we mainly see spins.

nix2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

i'm picking this up but man they need to figure out the replay part. only the players car was spraying water.

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hennessey862748d ago

the best weather graphics ever

kingteekej2748d ago

I cant wait to play this with my G27. The graphics are insane and the physics looks to be in place in my eyes! I will have a fair amount of time spent with this game, before GT5 comes out. Awesome year for simulation-enthusiasts like me!

Si-Fly2748d ago

Couldn't agree more, although I'm picking up NFS too for some light relief!

mobijoker2748d ago

Racing season starts....
Gran tourismo...
Where's the time to play other things???

aceofspades2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )


OneSneakyMofo2748d ago

Give me your GT5. That game doesn't deserve to be on a 480P set.

KingPin2748d ago

is that 480P tv of yours colour or black and white?

hennessey862748d ago

wow u need a new tv pal. I recomend an lg led 42 inch.

2748d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.