Portal 2 without the Portal-Gun? "It worked", says Valve

Valve has said it once contemplated making Portal 2 without including the portal gun, and instead used other ideas like paint or a gravity gun. And it worked. "But every play tester we had would say, ‘Yeah this is alright, but where’s my portal gun?’". More through the link.

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2566d ago
solar2566d ago

i read a different article where the testers wanted the Portal gun back and hated Portal 2 without it.

vhero2566d ago

I agree Portal without a Portal gun would be like Solid Snake without his Cigarettes there would always be something missing..

M4ndat0ry_1nstall2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

+bubbles.....just kidding :P

il-mouzer2566d ago

Portal without the portal gun sounds like an fps without guns and arsenal...