New Naruto Shippuden Fighter Coming to the Nintendo Wii

A recently released scan from Shonen Jump magazine reveals a brand new Naruto Shippuden fighter coming to the Nintendo Wii this year.

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Natsu X FairyTail2628d ago

looks exactly the same as the old ones. not much improving.

tayz2628d ago

they just add new characters and call it a day. not that i can complain cause i always get them!

N4GAddict2628d ago

New character are fine by me

OneSneakyMofo2628d ago

If the Wii had DLC, you guys would both be happy without having to spend $60 on extra characters.

Seferoth752627d ago

LMAo, You just told everyone you are not any kind of gamer. First off Wii games are 49.99 not 60.00 second why is it PS3 and 360 both offer DLC but Madden is not an update? Or Tigerwoods or hell any of the other titles out there that do the exact same thing they are doing with Naruto.

To point out this one dev as if it is wrong just shows how little you know about gaming. Troll on though. It's amusing to see people make fools of themselves simply because they do not like that a certain console does not carry their company name.

Seekerofthewind2628d ago

As long as this means we'll be getting a new Revolution sometime (probably late next year)...then I'm content.

N4GAddict2628d ago

New game is looking great so far.

2628d ago
turok2627d ago

... some old characters to come back seriously. and more specials. Jiraiya cant do rasengan despite that he does that move most if not all the time yet cant do it at all ingame is just blasphemy.

as far as old characters i know this is wishful thinking but i wud like Zabuza back. and Haku.

Seekerofthewind2621d ago

But Suigetsu will probably play similarly to him (Sasuke's attire makes Suigetsu an obvious roster choice).