OXCGN’s Mafia II Review: Vito's Joining La Familia


"It’s only taken 2K Czech 8 years to develop and release Mafia II but I would have gladly waited another year if that meant a longer game storyline, a more fleshed out environment and more activities to do within the city of Empire Bay...

Mafia II is like the love child of Grand Theft Auto 4 and The Godfather II."

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gaminoz2717d ago

Still not sure I want to play this one, though the demo was pretty good.

XboxOZ3602717d ago

Personally I like the game a lot. Having played it at several pre-release events, and at E3 this year, I felt it had grown a great deal.

If ppl are expecting a GTA 4 or similar, then they will be disappointed, as this IS story driven rather than just having you wandering around an open world.

You still have plenty of freedom, and the story is compelling, and I like the fact the tutorial is based around Vito's time in the army overseas in Italy, makes much more sense and ties the story in well.

Belgavion2717d ago

Will definitely have to get around to playing it before year's end. I look forward to collecting Playboy posters!

XboxOZ3602717d ago

They're much better in the flesh, we got to chat with some at E3 . . there was some line-up at the 2K Mafia II public booth, that was for sure . . . . plus it's done more in the era of that time so it was very 'tastefully' done actually