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Halo Reach is good. But not a perfect game. It's a good game for a fresh start of the series but there are some logical errors, no dual weapons, poor AI, no touching presentation and many more not included features.

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ps3rider2783d ago

super mario galaxy 2 is perfect, GTV 4 and MGS4 are perfect

ElDorado2783d ago

imo little overrated, didn't like it that much, I would call Uncharted 2 perfect above GTA. Probably gonna get disagrees for this one.

callahan092783d ago

None of those games are perfect. I'd say GTA 4's checkpoint structure is crap. You can be going through a big mission with lots of action and shootouts and car chases and absolutely never hit a checkpoint and you die or fail near the end and have to redo the whole thing. Every GTA game has had problems with unforgiving or totally missing checkpoints and in my opinion its the great problem with the series. It causes me a lot of frustration in later missions and is the very reason I've never completed the story in a single GTA game.

MGS4 is imperfect due to lengthy load times and multiple lengthy installations. If it weren't for those problems, I might agree that it's among the closest to perfect any game has ever been, I absolutely love the gameplay and the story and the multiplayer and all of the features in the game in general, it's brilliant, but you have to admit the faults in the load times & installations prevent it from being perfect.

And in my opinion Mario Galaxy 2 has issues with its controls. The camera isn't perfect either. You often can't get it to face the direction you want, you don't have free control of the camera, etc.

I could do this for just about any game you mention, really.

RoX_TimE_BomB2783d ago

Who cares about scores... we don't play scores... but this review.. sucked.

meganick2783d ago

Has a game ever been perfect? What is perfection? That's a stupid comment to make in a review of anything subjective.

ChronoJoe2783d ago

Not really. When other reviewers regularly give out perfect scores...

Idunno why people come in buthurt, to every review under 8... it's clear it's a stellar game...

Kos-Mos2783d ago

Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger is perfect.

Nike2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

No touching presentation? Poor AI? I disagree on both points.

Having played through the game and finished co-op on Heroic, I can say the enemy AI is the most fearsome I've seen in any first person shooter for a while now. Especially the Elites; as I've said in my forum post on the game,

They are truly opponents to be feared and you cannot take them lightly. EVER. Your squad AI may not be that great but the AI of Noble Actual and ODSTs is still better than the normal soldiers. As such, overall, allied AI is uneven but not completely broken.

The weapons are more balanced out now; you won't really miss dual wielding when the current set of weapons is this responsive, balanced and still varied enough. Remember the mess that was Modern Warfare 2's gun set? Reach is the complete anti-thesis of that. I also feel that dual wielding encouraged more of a Rambo like approach in the earlier games. Just like Halo: CE, no dual wielding and tougher enemies, plus more strategic options, returns the game to a more tactical-oriented style of gameplay.

As for the presentation, I just disagree entirely. Play Reach through and through and tell me there is no touching presentation. Maybe I'm misinterpreting their definition of touching but if they mean "emotional", then Reach is that. It doesn't hit you in the head with drama; it's subtle at times, grim at others and overall, this is the best example of military sci-fi story telling we're going to see in an FPS for a long time.

Yes, the story is simple and straight-forward. But last I checked, Star Wars Episodes IV, V and VI also had simple and straight-forward stories. So it's not a bad thing. Also, having little backstory completely fits in terms of perspective - Planet Reach doesn't really know what happened on Harvest where the Covenant first struck; they have a vague idea but no clue as to what level of threat they faced, and you will be confronted by this idea throughout the game. These are brand new characters with no relation to the people on Harvest; they're pre-occupied with the situation currently happening. You can detect subtle (sometimes more than a little but never overbearing) tones of romance, dissent and camraderie in the characters' relationships (and yes some plot twists may disappoint). Point is: It's a good story but more importantly, it's a good story told great.

Skadoosh2783d ago

Nice review. We need more real reviews like yours instead of these weak fake ones.

Nike2783d ago

Lol, thanks dude. But I was just arguing against this current review's points. :)

Though I am thinking of creating a post (blog or forum, most likely) detailing everything about the game since there's just so much to it.

ChronoJoe2783d ago

Actually I've always thought Halos AI was very scripted, unorganic so to speak. Sure they are fearsome, but if you play on Legendary... they will perform the same dodge roll every time you throw a grenade, and so on... most advanced AI programs generally have more varying responses.

Bottomline is the AI is actually very basic... but perfectly functional. It's perfectly fine, the game doesn't need great AI... and what it has works well... but the AI is definitely not something to praise.

I am however surprised that someone with a Skies of Arcadia avatar would say Halo has a good story. :P By that I mean, I thought you'd have higher standards being attuned to the best JRPG ever. :)

Skadoosh2783d ago

HA! While I do agree that Skies of Arcadia is one of the best JRP'S ever. My second favorite next to Lost Odyssey. I have to say that Halo's storyline is your typical soldier vs. aliens but done at a high level. I'm a big fan of musical scores in movies and games and Halo's soundtrack is as good as it gets.

And what are you supposed to do when a grenade is thrown at your feet? Dance? ;) I played many shooters and I haven't seen a game with AI like this.

ChronoJoe2783d ago

In some cases. Yes, you must dance!

Seriously though. No, but then again dodge rolling into a wall is little better either, they also can't dodge roll forwards or backwards, just left or right... (I'm just speaking Halo 3/ODST though of course, maybe it's better now :))

What's good about Halo though is enemy variety, Killzone 2 for example might have better AI but Halo mixes things up putting varing enemy types on the field, often at one time. So that really stops you realising how, scripted the AI is.

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DaBadGuy2783d ago

Nike seriously, start your own site and review stuff yourself. This review was crap, I'm not butthurt over the score, it's not like this single review will make me cancel my preorder, but just the scrambles of english sentences (thanks google translator) that I could put together were stupid. No touching presentation? Harmless equipment? I call bullcrap. The beta alone was amazing. There's one mission called Tip of the Spear that I saw clips of in some videos, there's your bombastic moment right there! I don't know the outcome of that one skirmish but the setting and the moments leading up to the confrontation I saw in the vids was like something out of a movie. The fleet of warthogs racing across the wasteland, amazing.

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