The Witcher preview: "Most RPGs are like going to McDonald's"

"Most role-playing games are like going to McDonald's," Michat Madjei says as GameSpy takes a look at his long-in-development The Witcher. Madjel is the chief designer of CDProjekt out of Poland and GameSpy is at GenCon 2007 discussing what makes The Witcher more than just your ordinary RPG. "No matter which city you are in, the hamburgers are going to taste the same. So you don't really have meaningful choices."

According to Madjei, players not seeing the outcome of choices right away will combat the tired practice of saving and reloading so that the optimal path through a game is selected. He spoke about it as he walked through an example from the game. "We think that roleplaying games are better when players get to shape the game. We are giving players ambiguous choices, and they won't see the results of their actions until later." He said. In the game, the player is "the Witcher," a more-than-human figure who is a monster-killer for hire.

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MK_Red4018d ago

The Witcher is a really interesting game but sadly, its stupid publisher is killing it with lack of hype. They're doing nothing to promote this RPG.

Dr Pepper4018d ago

@ MK_Red

I guess your right because I really haven't heard anything about this game. The screens look good though and it sounds pretty interesting.