Co-Optimus | Halo: Reach Review

Co-optimus: Halo Reach is a massive game. I haven’t even touched the game’s new versus modes and options, the scalable enemy AI based for co-op, and the daily and weekly challenges, new epic music, and a revamped Forge level editor. Halo has come a long way since the Master Chief on the original Xbox and LAN games in the college dorms. Reach feels so massive, so social, and so polished - it may not be a perfect experience - but it’s the perfect way to introduce the Halo: Combat Evolved game we love, to end with a game we’ll be playing for a long, long time.

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T9X692898d ago

Another perfect score. Nice!

georgeenoob2898d ago

The perfect scores just keep coming.

2898d ago
shammgod2898d ago

awesome Halo......its college football season *goes back to watching highlights*

BloodyCHAMP2898d ago

this game does not deserve anything below 9.5, its just not right, soo much hard work and dedication went into needs to be recognized

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