Shacknews: Halo: Reach Review

Shacknews writes: "This is Bungie's final Halo game and it represents the culmination of a decade of development by Bungie on the series. As a package, it comes with more gameplay options than any other game in the franchise and arguably the most out of any console FPS to date".

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Nicolee2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

well done
read from all of the reviews mmmmm i cant wait any longer .

himdeel2868d ago

...smell like this might be 360's GOTY. I'd like to play this game if I had the chance. I'm especially intrigued by the coop modes this games offers.

Nolando2868d ago

have always been exceptional

EvilBlackCat2868d ago

NOT many comments on Halo Reach Reviews posted here right?

N4G a PS3 fanboys & mascots Site CONFIRMED

electricshadow2868d ago

Or this review came out 19 minutes ago at the time I'm typing this comment. It's Saturday night, thousands of people aren't browsing N4G right now. Just because there aren't a large amount of comments on a brand new review of Halo: Reach doesn't mean N4G is full of PS3 fanboys. I wish I sounded that ignorant.

DarkTower8052868d ago

You need to go to Burger King and offset your stupid with something smart.

Seriously, in the USA its 10pm on the west coast and 1am on the east coast. Did you expect a flood of comments at this time?

BannedForNineYears2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Bungie delivered.

-facepalms PS3 fanboy (me) face in shame-

Now make meh a PS3 game. >:[

"It's not like they never have..."
ODLC (ODST) says "hi". ~_~
But Halo followers didn't care, it still sold a ton of copies and got great ratings....

slimy the g8ter2868d ago

pretty obvious this game was going to get high scores

GaMe012868d ago

I think one thing all gamers can take from this is that we ALL our going to be treated to games like this for now on by Bungie

newhumanbreed2868d ago

Bungie isn't the greatest developer. ODST proves that. I really don't expect anything great from them after Halo Reach.

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