Halo: Reach Review (DualShockers)

DS writes, "Halo: Reach encompasses both the beginning and the end. Bungie’s final entry in the Halo series goes back to where it all started; planet Reach. After the conclusion of the Halo trilogy, fans are now brought to the events that occurred before it all. Bungie has decided to move backwards in the story with a prequel, but that’s not to say what they have accomplished with Halo: Reach doesn’t push the series forward. Since its debut almost a decade ago, it is safe to say that Halo was responsible for making Xbox and Xbox LIVE the gaming staples they are today. It could also be said that since the debut of Halo and the sequels thereafter, developers have been forced to step up their game (literally) when it came to making solid first-person shooter titles. It has made itself one of the standards (if not the standard) in the extremely popular genre. Halo: Reach continues that trend...."

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002868d ago

just can't keep up.

good score.

darkcharizard2867d ago

Halo reach gets 10/10

dividing numerator and denominator by 2 we get,

Multiplying the numerator and denominator by 2000 we get,

So is 5/5 the same thing as 10000/10000 or wht?

writersblock2867d ago

5/5 = 1
10000/10000 = 1

If the denominator and numerator are the same, it is 1, so yeah it's the same thing


But what's that got to do with anything?

darkcharizard2867d ago

that if halo reach was rated on a scale of 10,000 would it get the same score!?

WildArmed2867d ago

The review scores are taken in percentage..
9.5/10 = 95%
10,000/10,000 = 100%
which means it's the same as 5/5 which is 100%..

Don't confuse yourself with fractions ^^
You'll learn em soon enough :)

chilled2m2867d ago

@Dark Charizard

Typically, if a game is rated on a larger scale (say 100 as opposed to 5) the review will be much more detailed and "nitpicky" about details. If the game was rated on a 10000 point scale, this would technically mean the game could quite literally be rated regarding every single little detail, including individual lines of dialogue!
I don't think anyone has the time to do this. lol

darkcharizard2867d ago


They should have thought of this before awarding it a perfect score!

WildArmed2868d ago

Wow, Reach has been getting amazing scores!

I'm curious to see how it'll hold up with the onslaught of reviews this and next week! :D

taz80802868d ago

Rather surprised by a perfect 10 really, thought it may have been just more of the same stuff good review.

Ninferno2868d ago

It's the same stuff but expanded on in every way.

chilled2m2867d ago

Most games that deserve a ten are refined "younger" brothers of already established I.P.
"Think God of War 3, Uncharted 2, GTA4"

I suppose my point is, almost every single AAA game out there in today's market is "more of the same" just more polished!

KillerPwned2867d ago

Still i am watching myself when i get to play this i am going to be looking for a fresh batch of halo. Nothing like the old ones if anything hopping the story mode is like the first one.

seann2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

nice another perfect. wish wednesday would come already.

most of the reviews seem to be telling me to prepare myself for an explosive ride. they dont say much.must be difficult to write a review thats only meant to excite the reader. probably cause they might spoil something. silly.they wont, like movies and novels, its about the journey.

i am sure reading is not the same as actually playing the game. different experiences. hmmm weird, ign tends to hype their reviews 2 weeks before the review is posted. (and a week before the game is released). Its like they preparing us for an exciting read, but not really. its insane that ign does this.

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