ElectricPig: Halo Reach Review

Halo Reach marks the end of an era. It’s developer Bungie’s swan song for the franchise, as it embarks on pastures and titles new.

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deadreckoning6662566d ago

Haha, keep it up Natsu, ur doing great. No ones enraged at ur comments as far as I can tell lol.

kissmeimgreek2565d ago

see as long as you dont end every comment with "but i guess im gonna lose my bubbles for stating my opinion" no one will care enough to take your bubbles.

002566d ago

halo reach reviews are everywhere.

Pandemic2566d ago

Mm, they've covered the whole front page.. O.o

Motorola2565d ago

Maybe its because today is when they were to be released?

Spydiggity2565d ago

what does that even mean?

CountDracula2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

WTF is electric PIG?

I wish people would stop posting irrelevant blogger reviews.

poopface12565d ago

I wish people would stop posting irrelevant comments.

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