Telegraph UK: Halo Reach video game review

Halo Reach is Bungie's last entry in the groundbreaking shooter series, and the developer is going out with a bang.

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LordMarius2684d ago

well then your eyes aren't working right cuz I also see some 8s and 9s

YellowLightofDeath2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Marius, you're hurt, I understand. If you need someone to talk to, I'm here for you bud.

It's all about psychology you see, when the perfect scores come rolling in, all you can focus on are the negatives. It's the psyche of the typical PS3 fanboy.

LordMarius2684d ago

sorry Im not wearing your type of goggles

dtrain212684d ago

This is gonna own everything

TheColbertinator2684d ago

Sorry Sweeper_ but Mass Effect 2 won the year before the race even started

despair2684d ago

dunno about that remember that for many gaming sites goty is more popularity contest than quality(not saying Reach is bad quality game) so it might go to one of the more popular titles than ME2, like Reach, GT5, GOW3, Fallout NV, LBP2 or even COD Black Ops.

HydraxFFx2684d ago

Still too early to call, this year has many more competitors then previous years.

gillri2684d ago

yes im a big Halo(well the first one) fan, but Mass effect 2 has GOTY tied up

truly a phenomenal game

bobdog6262684d ago

Reach just might take this one.

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