G4TV: Halo: Reach Review

G4TV writes: "Bungie's decision to veer away from Master Chief and instead feature a squad of Spartans with players driving replacement newcomer Noble Six, has paid off. Halo: Reach stands as a fitting capstone to Bungie's five-title legacy, both in campaign and multiplayer. Come for the story, stay for the fragging ... and eventually, the teabagging".

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skynidas2652d ago

Reviews have been very good.

Motorola2652d ago

Yeah. Im surprised it went live at 12 EST exactly. I thought it would have waited for whatever timezone the west coast has.

goldensfree2652d ago

gj bundgie

ill bet this game gets the most tens to date

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absolutecarnage2652d ago

And the 9's and 10's keep rolling in AAA comfirmed Congrats Bungie

BannedForNineYears2652d ago

Comfirmed? What is a comfirm?

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RockmanII72652d ago

bubbles for making fun of a type?

BannedForNineYears2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

[email protected]

Did you miss the "Hahah"?

Were you not observant enough to see the "Funny" in the "+Bubbles" section?
Sigh, don't tell us you're a 360 fanboy.

Edit, your profile says you only own a 360, and your avatar is from Halo. ~_~
Nice job proving our point though.

XactGamer2652d ago

Yeah lets make fun of the guy who made a typo of N and M even though they happen to be right next to each other on the keyboard. Go away SDF go cry in a closet znd whine about how you think MS pays everyone for reviews.

mittwaffen2651d ago


Please use your brain next time you speak; your comment are ridiculous! But that would explain the lack of bubbles (People already know how you act)

How about you go back to the PS3 page if you have baseless claims. Stay there.

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Nicolee2652d ago

another full marks review here. well done bungie

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The story is too old to be commented.