CVG: Halo Reach review

CVG: Forge, Firefight, 4-player Campaign co-op and a more ambitious multiplayer suite make for one hell of a Halo package. But this isn't a normal Halo - it's a developers' last hurrah to a platform it helped build as a success. And it's for this reason we're left a little bit disappointed Bungie didn't play things slightly less conservatively.

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rekof2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Maybe because Hyurius played it,.. and saw problems with it,.. Still 8.7 would be more fair,..

Roozium2814d ago

Hyrius don't own a 360, he is the lead example of a Ps3 fanboy.

xYLeinen2814d ago

Stop embarrassing yourselves. I'm more towards a Sony fanboy rather than a Microsoft fanboy, but I clearly see that Reach is a very very good game with loads of content. And for true Halo fans I can just imagine how important this game will be and is.

So others who disrespects this game because of comparing it to Sony games and anything like that. Stop embarrassing yourself and the rest of us following Sony.

2cents2814d ago

well said dude.

If only there were more sensible comments on this site.

2 days... aaaarrrrgh!

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dosgrtr2814d ago

so my local store just broke the street date 5 hours ago,been playing reach single player for more than 4 hours now and I've got to say that the campaign is the best in the series by FAR IMO and even the graphics are good,nothing extraordinary but good

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