Why Is The Virtual Console The Only Thing I Play On My Wii?

By now, if you've ever read a single one of CB Games' articles before, you'd probably think that they hate the Wii. A lot. That's as in current episodes of Family Guy, a lot. But that actually couldn't be farther from the truth. CB Games actually loves the Wii right now, but not for the reasons many of you fanboys (and girls) out there love it for.

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beavis4play3985d ago

this story should have never been made available. to say that there are no good games coming for the ps3 and x 360 is foolish. to then say that at least he can go to the wii's virtual console to play ollllllld games is retarded. this guy must be from a mental hospital

MK_Red3985d ago

Well, I'm with them in their hate. Also my answer to their question: Wii doesn't have real games and the Upcoming WiiFit is officially not a game.

uglyboglin3984d ago

Corruption, Brawl, Galaxy??? These aren't real games?? Since when??.....oh right now i remember since morons decided that over the top life-like graphics are better then....oh, I don't know...GAMEPLAY...There's a reason the VC is successful, because old school games are in essence the best games ever made.