Eurogamer: Halo Reach Review

Eurogamer writes: ""Remember Reach." The marketing slogan for Microsoft's latest sci-fi blockbuster is so very Halo. Portentous, epic and heavy with martial sentimentality, it also has a slightly overconfident belief in the resonance of the fiction behind these excellent shooters".

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commodore642717d ago

Yes, a nine from eurogamer implies an outstanding game.
Eurogamer has always impressed my with their impartial and professional content.

Just wish we had more sites like Eurogamer to keep standards high.

Meisadragon2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

would you like to take your comment back? rofl

or maybe 10 like lbp or UC2 :P


2717d ago
Counter Strike2717d ago

Eurogamer Lame site aswell...

dark-hollow2717d ago

What? 9 is not a good score now?

HyperBear2717d ago

I think all the scores we will see tonight will be very very good scores. It will be hard to tell complete bias from an honest one (although you could guess by the score they give). I think Reach will get an average of 9.2-9.5, but I think the lowest score will be 8.5...(even I think that's low, but I am a fan of Halo so yea.)

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