IGN: Halo: Reach Review

Halo: Reach is a fantastic package, with several core components that on their own can outclass many other games. The campaign is excellent, backed by solid storytelling and a powerful audio-visual experience. The competitive multiplayer is familiar, yet brand new with a lot more options and a faster pacing. And the cooperative Firefight arcade mode has finally met its potential.

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deadreckoning6662783d ago (Edited 2783d ago ) not really too big on reviews, but this is VERY well deserved for Bungie simply for what they have done in the gaming industry as far as online multiplayer is concerned. Whether your a fan of Halo or have to be living on a rock not to realize what is has done for gaming and the billions of hours of enjoyment it has brought gamers across the globe.

EDIT: Btw, didn't IGN change their scoring system to .5 intervals???

Imperator2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

The score is 9.5/10 on IGN, not 9.8 (Remember IGN switched to a 20 point system)? Anyways, can't wait to get Reach. Already payed for it, just gotta pick it up on day 1.

-Alpha2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

So it would have scored a 9.8 in the old system? Where are you guys getting 9.8 from btw?

"These are some of the best first-person shooting mechanics around."

Awesome. Bungie's gameplay formula has always been excellent. Lasting Appeal is easily 10/10 with all the crazy customization options and Forge World. Can't wait to play it.

Imperator2783d ago

I don't know, I think either Bloodmask made a mistake (he posted a 9.8/10) or IGN gave it a 9.8 and then changed their score to 9.5 when they remembered their own rules.

Anon19742783d ago

And just in time! I just finished playing through Borderlands with my wife last week! And now one of my favorite franchises is back with more co-op goodness. Suck it, Covenant!

FishCake9T42782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

So it would of got a 9.8? GOTY? Bungie really brought it to the table this year so I wouldn't be surprised if it did win Game of the Year.

inveni02782d ago

IGN UK gave a 10? That's hard to believe. Oh well, just because Halo isn't my cup of tea doesn't mean they can't think it's a perfect game.

WhittO2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Personally I never really like Halo, but I think it deserves this score.
With a massive multiplayer and a full campaign, Bungie have put alot of effort into it and it shows, just not a game I wana play is all.

jrbeerman112782d ago

bubbles for inveni0 and whitto, its refreshing to see people who arent even interested in game come on here and be fair and not auto bash the game. well said guys.

Computersaysno2782d ago

IGN's scoring system is still flawed for me, its easy to ignore the breakdown and just take the final score. Its probably better. Im not so pleased at how so many reviews appear to gloss over the single player's weakness, although i suppose should have learnt by now halo is more about multiplayer than single player frolics these days. I lament that, being a massive fan of the original that still has no equal when it comes to campaign mode, despite bungie having four shots at it.

Still, everyone will go nuts in multiplayer. I wont be joining you. I might have one more crack at combat evolved and relive the good old days, before single player wasnt overlooked.

2782d ago
Shepherd 2142782d ago

That might be your opinion, but there are still plenty who find depth and excitement in Halo's campaigns.

The problem is your nostalgia. The campaigns of Halo 2/3/Reach are just as good as CE, but CE was your first, so you scrutinize the sequels. Its okay, 80-90% of people do it with everything and dont realize it.

The prequel trilogy of Star Wars is very good, but since alot of fans grew up with the originals, they are like 40 now and dont want to admit that the originals were cheesy and aimed for kids too.

Same concept with Halo, just less of a time gap.

Computersaysno2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

No. Thats just your opinion. Please dont foist your thoughts on mine.

Rather than nostalgia, CE offered up the most coherent and complete storyline of all the games. Indeed Halo 2's campaign was entirely scrapped and restarted resulting in the fragmentation the finished game ended up with. Bungie admit it was rushed and thus ended with one of the most infamous, notorious finales ever seen in a videogame, albeit unintentionally. This is because microsoft demanded their premier franchise be a flagship for their brand new online gaming service. Bungie duly obliged to the detriment that they themselves admit of the single player campaign.

Halo 3 was considerably better in the single player department, but still contains no levels on the epic scale seen in CE which was on previous generation hardware. There is no equal to assault on the control room in halo 3. The storyline is more developed than 2, but only with a paucity of quality by comparison with CE.

ODST is the elephant in the room. Indeed as expanded DLC, it was never intended as a standalone package or storyline. Told in flashbacks connected by a near empty 'hub world' to attempt to bind together the disjointed narrative. Its impossible to not get the sense the game is thrown together and the price tag coupled with longevity or lack thereof belied that.

This is of course my opinion, and i reject your interpretation of it and correlation to the original star wars franchise. As a side note, the original star wars are usually maintained as the superior trilogy of films not because of nostalgia, but because they are considered to be of higher quality writing, scripting and acting, with less reliance on technological flash. Better CGI does not equal better storytelling.

Better graphics do not make Reach a more compelling story than CE. Reach is a highly accomplished multiplayer shooter, with an underdeveloped campaign mode.

2782d ago
Traveler2782d ago

Good to see. Halo Reach is my most anticipated game on the 360 this year.

Shepherd 2142779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Ehhh...go back and play Assault on the Control Room. You'll find that you are indeed right about the massive canyon, however you will also find that there isnt much to do in the canyon and the enemy count is much lower than you remember. Halo's sequels still have massive and diverse battles just CE, but the flow just the same or even better. Im telling you its nostalgia.

You dont have to tell me about all that background info with Halo 2 and ODST, ive known for many, many years, and it doesnt affect my opinion. Despite Halo 2's problems, i believe it to be the better narrative than Halo CE. Halo CE was good, but not much happened in the story to be honest, and i enjoy the more intricate story and the Arbiter/Covenant perspective of Halo 2.

As a side note, Academy Award winner for Best Actor Alec Guinness(Old Obi-wan Kenobi) reportedly HATED the original films because they were poorly written and were cheesy. He only did them for the money. They are not better written than the prequels. Back then, the original trilogy used WHATEVER that had at disposal to make the originals look "flashy", which wasnt much. With the prequels, they used WHATEVER they had at disposal to make the prequels look "flashy". Its the times man. Used to be stop-motion and cell effects, now its CGI, yet the writing was and is still pretty bad. I value Guinness' and my own opinion over yours.

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mercsfan2783d ago

It's a 10/10 on IGN UK if that means anything

RedDragan2782d ago

Not really. The best reviewer is yourself.

T9X692782d ago

Can't argue with that. For Halo fans though, its nice to see their favorite game score relatively high. That goes for any game or game series.

r1sh122782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

reviews are always biased, the best way to tell is to play the game for yourelf, do a 1st perception..
Then do a long term test and see if you think it is as good as your first thought.
I did that with all the COD games, MW2 at first was a good game, but after 1 month of solid gameplay I was like this sucks ass. Unbalanced etc..
So make the judgement for yourself because the review sites get paid to give good reviews. Some games are expected to have good scores, so..
Any AAA exclusive will get a good score.

jrbeerman112782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

to add on rishs comment, he is right about AAA always getting good scores, but not only that but a game thats immensely popular might not be your cup of tea neither. There are a few 9 and above games that i felt were more 7s or 8s. not because i didnt think the game deserved 9s, but because it wasnt what I wanted in a game thats all

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colonel1792783d ago

Yeah, It's true. That proves how lame reviewers are. They can't even follow their own rules established less than a month ago!

As for the review, I don't like halo, but something tells me that they gave it 9.8 just because it's halo, and is the last bungie game

kaveti66162783d ago

"I don't like halo, but something tells me that they gave it 9.8 just because it's halo, and is the last bungie game "

the fans of Halo should be the judge of that. if you never liked halo in the first place, then your opinion is moot.

darkequitus2783d ago

Can't you accept the game might actually be good? Of course not.

Redgehammer2782d ago

that something that is talking to you is the fact you don't like Halo. In fact if you don't like Halo why are you eveb bothering to comment in a Halo review?

inveni02782d ago

Any time any game score at or above Uncharted 2, I get suspicious, but that's just because it's my opinion that Uncharted 2 is the greatest game I've ever played. That's right...the greatest game "I'VE" ever played. Not the greatest game ever. Just the greatest game ever in my opinion. Some people really dig Halo for some reason. So, for them, it is completely reasonable to say that it's the best game they've ever played...or at least worthy of a perfect/near-perfect score.

What's not reasonable is to accuse them of being biased when they're just saying that they really dig the game.

finbars752782d ago

I actualy broke down and bought this game on friday.Im a sony fanboy in every way possible.I own all three consoles and I have dissed this halo reach for a long time now.I must admit the game is pretty good.Im sure all the halo fans will love this since bunie has departed way with the franchise.I can tell they really put alot of effort into this game.But all in all it definatley wasnt a 9.5 out of 10.I would give this and easy 8.5 tops.This game to me is only getting high reviews due to its MP which I dont believe in.The story was nothing new and the word felt more empty then then the usual.The graphics have been approven upon but cant be compared to the likes of games like COD,Killzone,Drakes and GOW3.But like I said the true treasure about this game is the MP.It offers alot more then most but like I said giving it a 9.5 is far fetched and you cant give extra merrits just because its Bungies last Halo.Other then that enjoy the last of the true halo series.

likedamaster2782d ago

"Im a sony fanboy in every way possible"

It shows... but good for you, I hope you enjoy your Halo Reach purchase for a long time.

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Lifendz2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Kudos to Bungie. Already pre-ordered mine from Amazon. Let the fight for Reach commence!

And it's a 9.5 not a 9.8. Not sure how the submitter and the people that approved missed that.

2783d ago
iPad2783d ago

Congratulations to Bungie. They deserve it.

hellraiserpop2783d ago

I think IGN was messing around with the score. First it was 9.8, then the score went MISSING for a while, and when it came back it was 9.5

Playerz82783d ago

Damn, 9.5? That's good, but not good enough for me to buy a 360 for.

Aquanox2783d ago

IT will be an All Xbox contenders this GOTY between ME2, RDR and Halo Reach. They're all one step beyond everything else.

OneSneakyMofo2782d ago

RDR and ME2 are multiplat... :S

Caffo012782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

lbp2 and gt5?

jrbeerman112782d ago

RDR and Mass effect are multi, although its xbox exclusive this year, maybe xbox ME2 will win this year, and ps3 ME2 will win next year.

trancefreak2782d ago

Sony exclusives wont get the same love man. Im over the review game as long as the game isnt horrible ill rent or then buy if I love it.

But I had to pre order reach I would go mad if i didn't get a copy on release date.

Hopefully i can get some friends from n4g to help un noob my halo mplayer skillz.

Armyntt2782d ago

So what if its multiplat? A multiplat can be GOTY? Thats ignorant thinking that a multiplat can be GOTY. A GOTY does not have to be console specific thats why they awards like X360 GOTY is..... blank.

mrcash2782d ago

Mass effect 2
Halo Reach
Gran turismo 5

IcarusOne2782d ago

It's a racing sim and too much of a niche genre to really earn a GOTY title. I'm not saying it won't be the greatest racing sim ever. Just saying IMO it doesn't qualify for GOTY.

I agree about both ME2 and RDR. Either one would be a worthy holder of the 2010 crown. More so than anything else I've played all year. (GoW3 decidedly does NOT deserve GOTY - all it is is a pretty hack-n-slash)

ON TOPIC: I'll get around to Reach eventually, but to be honest, I've felt so burned on every Halo game since Combat Evolved that I'm not really in any rush to pick it up.

x5exotic2782d ago

Goty is GoW3 even if it wont win....

PlayerX2782d ago

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the most likely Game of the Year winner.

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nsnsmj2782d ago

Yep, very well deserved. This is the only game I want on 360, at the moment. When I get one that is. I'm a broke just graduated college graduate (I know, I know what I just said, but it makes sense in my head lol). Anyway, This PS3 only owner shall finally be a Multi-console owner before the year is up!!!!

Question: Where's the best place to buy cheap Xbox Live Gold 1 year subscriptions? There's no point in getting HALO if the full experience can't be enjoyed.


Reviews are a plus for me!

I pre-ordered/payed Halo Reach the day it got announced!!

Mid-Night launch here i come!!!

EVILDEAD3602782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

It's official..Halo Reach is another Classic..

IGN was the final hurdle for reviews and the score speaks for itself..

Even the haters who have constantly bashed Halo are jumping on the bandwagon are jumping on the bandwagon and saying that they can't wait to play it.

LOL @ Darkride66 who went out of his way to bash over and over when ODST arrived is now claiming that it's one of his 'favorite''s good to see the effect a great game can have on even the worst detractors

LOL @ all the fan bloggers including HHG who bashed the Halo in the past are now singing it's praises..

As always it matter not..

Bungie surpassed EVERYONES expectations and have now easily jumped into the game of the year discussion..

I can't wait for the Midight launch to pick up my Legendary copy and become a part of gaming history..

Every 360 record from sales to Xbox Live hours logged about to be broken..

It's so good to be a gamer..these days

Remember Reach


moneygun22782d ago

tell me, hows your ps3 treating ya. With unbiased commentary like that I feel a need to hear more of your insight. For the record I think halo is a fine game just not this

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

GarandShooter2782d ago

@ DEAD360

LMFAO at your idiotic post. Why exactly would it be impossible for someone to love the Halo franchise but be disappointed by ODST?


Great score. Can't wait to play Reach.

EVILDEAD3602782d ago

tell me, hows your ps3 treating ya. With unbiased commentary like that I feel a need to hear more of your insight. For the record I think halo is a fine game just not this

What does the PS3 have anything to do with an IGN Halo Reach review?

It doesnt..

Halo Reach and Bungie are getting well deserved reviews for all of their blood sweat and tears they put into the game..

Again..Halo fans around the world can rejoice that the game is upon us and the reception from the reviewers are just icing on the cake..

FACT..THIS game has been undeservedly bashed since Bungie announced it from fan bloggers and the 'usual' suspects..

So pull out your multis all day..won't change a thing..

LMAO @ Garandshooter trying to pretend it matters if anyone is disappointed with ANY game..never even alluded to it..

Do your homework..the fan bloggers and people that spent their entire lives jumping in EVERY ODST thread hated on the game and NEVER even played it..

Shout out to all the true Halo fans that have supported Halo on from day one..

The time is almost upon us..


moneygun22782d ago

not the second coming. Relax and allow yourself other options, because the insane infatuation you have on display here shows neither. As I said before I think Reach will be very good very polished and content filled. To the point I hate to say it but I have never been more excited for a Halo game than this.

I didn't buy Halo 3 (just did not have the 360 at the time) but I did snag odst. And to be honest it was probably a bad move seeing as how i was 3 years late to the online party and by that time the people had become "ok" at playing it. read:godly. So good luck with the uhhhh self proclaimed time being upon you and everything

EVILDEAD3602782d ago

'It's a game..not the second coming. Relax and allow yourself other options, because the insane infatuation you have on display here shows neither'

Ok moneygun2..let me make it perfectly clear to you sinceyour full of baseless assumptions..

First of all..I'm a gamer..THIS is a gaming site..and guess what?

Gamers like games.this particuliar one that you pretend I have such an infatuation for just happens to be the biggest game of the year..

In fact..there will be thousands and thousands of other gamers who with this supposedly 'insane infatuation' who will stand online at midnight to pick up this same game..some spent 150 dollars..some spent 400 dollars..

I am a Halo fan and have been since I played the original almost a deacade ago..

The last true Halo was 3 years ago..if you can't understand that people love this hobby get excited when their favorite games come around then there's nothing else to discuss..

LMAO @ your 'allow yourself other options' line..honestly you need to speak for yourself..

I've own every console this gen..for the 360 alone I'm well over 100+ at this point..and Halo Reach is only one of a dozen games I'm purchasing between now and December..and that doesnt include Gran Turismo 5 on the PS3

If you buy Reach..that's on you..but since your late to the party you may have been misinformed..bungie has the best matchmaking system in console gaming..period..

If you are a will play with beginners..if thats your wish..that is why a million people still play Halo 3 every single day


moneygun22781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Read before you post rule right here.
Your comment on me having baseless assumptions, I think it would be benifical to look at some of your "infallible facts" on display

"I think you a beginner" check
this is an assumption

"best matchmaking on console" check
this is an opinion/assumption

"play with beginners" check
this is an assumption

I stated one thing to give yourself options, in regards to games, not life. Before you go on another tantrum allow me to enlighten you. I also own all the consoles and plan on most likely purchasing many of the same games as you. And for the 3rd time now I will say I think halo is a very good game and your entitled to your opinion if you think halo is the game that ushers in something new and different great. If I feel it's killzone 3 or battlefield bad company franchise fine.

Don't mistake your arrogance for intelligence. Do you think I would be posting here on n4g if I did not love and enjoy all gaming has to offer as a matter of fact why don't you pm me tomorrow you gtag and we can play reach together.

Not against (well maybe :) but for the sake of fun, because personally that's what gaming is to me ( along with numerous other hyperbolies but if you a real gamer you guys know em all and i dont have to repeat any of them) and I hope its that way for everyone.

EVILDEAD3602781d ago

LOL @ moneygun displaying another case of you can give it but you can't take it..

Anyone with eyes can see I posted my excitement over a well deserved review nothing more nothing less..I didn't bash Sony..I didn't bring ANY other games into it..

Moneygun tried to jump in out of nowhere because he couldn't handle that people genuinely love Halo..but his snarky post speaks for itself..and I called him out..

@ moneymaker..actually YOU are a classic example of someone who can't read before they post..

LOL @ you having to make up quotes just prove your point..

"I think you a beginner" check
this is an assumption

"best matchmaking on console" check
this is an opinion/assumption

"play with beginners" check
this is an assumption

I didn't make an asumption like YOU did about me...

Look at your OWN post..

'I didn't buy Halo 3 (just did not have the 360 at the time) but I did snag odst. And to be honest it was probably a bad move seeing as how i was 3 years late to the online party and by that time the people had become "ok" at playing it. read:godly'

This comes from your own mouth..

I simply wrote..

'If you buy Reach..that's on you..but since your late to the party you may have been misinformed..bungie has the best matchmaking system in console gaming..period..

If you are a will play with beginners..if thats your wish..that is why a million people still play Halo 3 every single day'

Never played Halo MAY be a beginner..I wrote again..IF you are a play with beginners IF you wish..

I'm done..

I'm headed to the midinght LAUNCH..

Nuff said' anyways..


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hennessey862782d ago

score for an amazing game, I can't wait till tuesday. Got the day booked off work and im gona be playing slayer all day GOOD TIMES

MikeGdaGod2782d ago

the Halo series have never been my type of games (i hate most FPS anyway) but it's good that Bungie was able to make a game that caters to the fans.

horray for you guys.....if you like it, i love it

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swiftshot932783d ago

higher than ME2, RDR, and GoW3?

Better destroy my mind, cant wait.

2783d ago
BigPimpin2783d ago

ME2 got a 9.6 and RDR got a 9.7 think GOW3 got a 9.3 but anyway hope the game is good.

BigPimpin2782d ago

Got disagrees for just giving out the scores that ign had for each game, pathetic.

KILLERAPP2783d ago

Congrats to bungie for making on last great sequel…

user83971442783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

That's higher than what I thought. Still good score for a halo game.
It's a 9.5 ppl fake score

hassi942782d ago

IGN had it at 9.8 to begin with. Then they remembered their own point scoring system and changed it to 9.5

x5exotic2782d ago

GoW3 was 10/10 then they made it 9.4 :D