Game on: New Halo release set for record books

Microsoft is poised to re-enter the record books when it launches Halo: Reach on Tuesday.

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awiseman2895d ago

Is this even news? Halo Reach has already set records as it passed the 2 mil mark in preorders its on track with mw2 and its only an exclusive. Tip of the hat to Bungie.

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WildArmed2895d ago

No doubt it'll be one of the biggest launches this year.

The front page of n4g is going to be full of sale numbers come this Tuesday for a couple of weeks lol

Agent-862895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Quote from article: "Guinness World Records has already recognised the Halo trilogy – the prequel to Reach – as the biggest video game franchise to date". These kind of statements are so full of hyperbole. I checked out the Guinness website and this was decided by voting, not actual sales. Why did Guinness use voting when you'd think sales wouldn't be that hard to tally up? Guinness is usually more reliable than that and use actual figures to back up their claims (voting systems are so easy to manipulate with multiple votes and other methods). And, based on sales, Mario is the best selling franchise of all time (Halo is at 36).

horndog2895d ago

this game will sell very well because it's the last installment of an epic series known as Halo. It will break records regardless of a 20$ gift card. What is a 20$ gift card compared to 35million potential ps3 buyers that the CoD series gets?? Give credit where it's due and and stop trying to spin shit around.

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