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"Bungie to announce the end of the partnership exclusive to Microsoft, the team decided to create another game for the Xbox 360 , thereby blowing everything up to now made the franchise what it is, and then announced Halo: Reach" - MyGames

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TrevorPhillips2651d ago

2 more days and Halo: Reach will rise! :D

Great score too

awiseman2651d ago

Reach falls not rises.

September 14th cant some soon enough.

absolutecarnage2651d ago

great review can't wait, time will be invested in this game as where the others before that

Shoko2651d ago

Good score, without an actually biased or fake review.

2651d ago
Chapulin2651d ago

That is the only negative thing. Sounds good.

lugia 40002651d ago

This website doesn´t meet metacritic´s standards. However, yes it´s a pretty good review. Although I disagree with the value that should be 99/100. I mean forge world, multiplayer...

awiseman2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

but theres no denying that these german tranlation sites suck...

Lovable2651d ago

Very nice. Looks like Bungie went out with a BANG.

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