X360A: Tom Clancy's HAWX 2 Review

X360A writes: "The first HAWX game was one of my favourite titles of last year and it was certainly a pleasant surprise to play a new IP that felt so polished and offered something just that little bit different. However, that success does not seem to have led to the genre taking off (sorry) on the 360. If anything, there has been a distinct lack of a top gun (sorry) to challenge for HAWX’s crown, although, it has only been a year. So, can the sequel do what no other game seems willing to? It could well be a (dog) fight to the death. That one was tenuous I agree – but on with the show".

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TrailerParkSupervisr2807d ago

It seems like it can be fun. Figure burn through it in a couple days then ride Halo out until October.

Fallout, Fable, MoH, Enslaved, Castlevania and MAYBE Two Worlds will be more than enough to keep me busy until November. Then it's GT5, Black Ops, LBP2, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood....Holy shit, when am I supposed to sleep again?????