Hands on impressions with PlayStation Move and Resident Evil 5 on PGN

"Paul Gale Network offers hands on impressions on the PlayStation Move and how Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition controls with it. In addition is a complete breakdown on both controllers and what are their good/bad points."

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HiroyasuKarpovsky2867d ago

It doesn't look comfortable to switch between analog stick and dpad with the same thumb hopefully most developers will give you customization features.

Anorexorcist2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

of the Playstation Move. Sure I know it's a cost-free update that gamers can update to (and I myself, as it appears, is one of only a small group of gamers on N4G that really liked Resident Evil 5), but it does appear to be a half-a$$ed job on Capcom's part.

morganfell2867d ago

Include me in that number as I traded up to the Gold Edition when it launched.

CobraKai2867d ago

Me too. I loved it. If you take it for what it is, it's a great game.

WildArmed2867d ago

I loved Re5.

But after reading the reviews about Capcom's choppy work in integrating Move into RE5, surprisingly I'm glad..
Capcom won't get my money twice for the same game after all =p

I'll stick w/ my launch day copy of RE5 >.<

Anthonynoonz2867d ago

Sorry accidentally hit disagree.

Yeah it would be annoying to switch I think.

JeromeRichfield2867d ago

I think I'll still get one (reserved it so long ago) but good to know!

jwk942867d ago

How'd the guy get the video in the topic? When I posted my article (the fox news one)it didn't make my video in the topic, people had to go to the link in the story.

MidnightGamer92867d ago

It looks like the person embedded it.

WildArmed2867d ago

Not all videos are embed-able.
I dont know if Fox News videos are.. but youtube/Veoh/megavideo etc etc all have an EMBED code, look for it if u want it to appear on ur story on N4G

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The story is too old to be commented.