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"All in all, H.A.W.X 2 is a fraction of what it could have been. The muddy sequences and the boring story remove all positive feelings you might have about this sequel. To believe that this game came from the same studio that made the original is scary - whether it was the short development time or something else deep with Ubisoft Romania - something snapped and this game is the victim."

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Stealth Disagreer2898d ago

I dont even understand how the first one warranted a sequel

its a bigger mystery than kane and lynch 2

TrailerParkSupervisr2898d ago

I just need something to hold me over til the October rush of games so this is a quick fix. Halo will help but I'm not into the MP that much so figure I will burn through the story in a couple days.

killyshapiro2894d ago

seriously you guys? the graphics are unbelievable. the controls are no joke - you can't mess around, and when you try OFF mode it's like playing max payne with freaking MILITARY JETS. how can you think this game is a 6/10? that's total nonsense!!!