Halo Chronicle - Part One: From Humble Beginnings, Bungie Reach for the Stars

From the original Halo's complicated birth to the independence of Bungie, No Added Sugar's Gerard puts the Halo phenomenon under the microscope.

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NeoKubrick2869d ago

I hope Halo: Reach is not in the same mold as Halo 3. A lip-service paid to Microsoft to pay for Bungie's autonomy.

tarnya22869d ago

I think the Halo Series has gone downhill really, I played 1 & 2 obsessively and since then i've lost all interest. I don't know whether to try my luck or just let the hype pass.

tallandmerciless2869d ago

Reach is certainly the most diverse change in the series, but that's not saying much when you look at everything before it.