5 Reasons Starcraft II Is Not Worth Buying

Is Starcraft two worth 60 USD or is it all hype? Here are five reasons against buying the game.

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Stealth Disagreer2899d ago

First of all 2 of your complaints are graphically driven. If aesthetics are a reason you choose not to play or buy a game i feel sorry for you. 2 levels of terrain is a balance thing and the game would be lame with more z levels. And no the game is not incomplete, the single player campaign is long as hell and way more fleshed out than it ever would have been if there were all 3 races... Your complaint at 2 is understandable i guess i wont get into the subjective nature of that one

poopnscoop2899d ago

Shitty review, shitty writer, shitty web site.

The reviewer doesn't know what the hell they're talking about. Incomplete campaign? It'll last you ten hours easily. The reason why they didn't include Protoss and Zerg is because it takes longer and costs more money to produce games. The only way they were able to fit three campaigns in the last game is because it cost a shit load less.

Jesus, what a goddamn idiot.

Raoh2899d ago

crap site crap review

SeanRL2899d ago

5 reasons why nobody cares?

TrenchaunT2899d ago

I don't know what game he's playing, but Starcraft 2 is definitely worth buying. I played through the campaign twice as soon as I got it and was wishing for more when it was over. Thankfully the online multiplayer and custom maps promise an endless flow of entertainment.