Halo Reach Unlockables That You Can Earn Before Launch

Halo Reach is only a few days away, and we all know that multiplayer is going to be where the real excitement is. Much like everyone fought over earning the hayabusa armor as soon as possible, there's bound to be new levels of customization that will help friends and enemies reach various levels of 'badass'.

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Sanrin2745d ago

To be fair, lot of those achievements are easy to get, but I suppose that's not the point >>

mephman2745d ago

I think it's really good that they're rewarding people for their progress in past games. I wish other games would do similar things.

WildArmed2745d ago

That's why I loved the concept of ME2 integration of ME1.

There are some games that do it, but don't really go the extra mile (ala Uncharted 2 had $100k for getting the platinum for Uncharted; White Knight Chronicles 2 has 'platinum crown' and King's deed for getting the platinum trophy and GR15 respectively)

I do hope that at one point all sequels will go above and beyond and reward the player for playing it's prequels (by checking saved data or achievement/trophy progress!)

mephman2745d ago

Yea, I mean it's clearly possible. It's just whether they want to actually put the effort in.

Megaman42xX2745d ago

Too bad to reach tier 60 you have to play Halo Wars, no thanks.

8thnightvolley2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

the thought of how this game is gonna sell is be scary..

LycanSoldier2745d ago

I can see where this article is coming from, but to unlock the base for either of those helmets, the requirement is finish the reach campaign.

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