New Marvel vs. Capcom 3 cinematic trailer and hands on impressions

"Paul Gale Network provides a brand new Marvel vs. Capcom 3 cinematic trailer as well as hands on impressions, including video, with the game."

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GeorgeAnimal2813d ago

the gameplay was ehh but the new trailer is sick!

MidnightGamer92812d ago

Yah all he needed was someone to record him.

fnixrebrn2812d ago

Graphics and gameplay look great. Too bad there was no one to help you record it, so that you can show off some of the moves.

morkendo232812d ago

have all fantastic 4 attribute ?? was that the same thing johnny strom had in FF movie with silver surfer?? "rise of silver surfer" but anyhow if it takes super skrull to beat DR.DOOM so be it.
im buying this game day one.

Bethany2813d ago

*drools* new trailer!!!!! =)

RobinGB2813d ago

Oh eff that was good.
Capcom is the best.

JeromeRichfield2813d ago

Lol you need a bucket.
Thx for the trailer. Best thing I've seen this weekend.

supremacy2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

no offense but those characters are a bit too funky, i mean..

how about a nice trailer featuring strider and spider-man? punisher, dare devil, blade, ghost rider, black panther, mrs marvel?

Oh i don't know Hayato(plasma sword), Kenji(red earth), captain commando, bionic commando, mega man x, falcon(power stone)Batsu(rival schools)Samanosuke Akechi (in Onimusha: Warlords)

Now that would be a killer trailer for ya,

Anthonynoonz2812d ago

I hope some of those characters you mentioned make it!!!!!

AzadFujishima2812d ago

Batsu had an appearance in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom which was cool but Hayato = hell yah!

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