'Halo: Reach' Q&A: Bungie's Marcus Lehto and 343's Frank O'Connor

"Bungie's creative director Marcus Lehto remembers the genesis of Halo 13 years ago when he joined the developer, then located in Chicago.

The project "really did start out just as a sci-fi skin on the Myth engine," he says. "It was kind of like a god-view RTS game."

But the developers began to think that it might be more intriguing to put the player in the action rather than above it. "And that ultimately led to it being this first-person shooter," Lehto says. "And in the time that we had begun this transition, this universe began to flesh out in front of us. These halo rings that was core to the very beginning stages of what we had started to create in these otherworldly places. And the fiction started to interweave and pull these things together and we got superexcited."

Bungie unveiled the game on stage at the 1999 Macworld with Steve Jobs. "That started the spark that really connected with a large amount of people," he says."

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