Xbox 360 Powers Ahead, but Sun Setting on Wii?

"Microsoft top slot for the second consecutive month no doubt owes much to the system's radical June makeover. Expect the Xbox 360 to hold that spot through September with the hugely anticipated Halo: Reach launching next week. NPD notes that the Xbox 360 install base "is now about triple what it was when Halo 3 was launched so the potential audience for Reach is significantly larger."
The Wii, on the other hand, suffered its lowest monthly unit sales since launch. While that bodes ill for Nintendo, NPD sees an uptick coming with games like Wii Party and Disney Guilty Party. "

This also shows sales of other consoles as well. Not just the Xbox 360 and Wii.

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Serjikal_Strike2777d ago

since its obvious HALO is a system seller....and now REACH being the last HALO game...what will happen?

ReBurn2777d ago

My guess is someone will make some other game.

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Droid Smasha2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

how many more copies did CODMW2 sell on 360 than ps3 last time? Expect BO to crush Nov sales and move MORE 360s

ps3 is not in danger of losing 3rd place dont worry LMAO

2777d ago
Lightsaber2777d ago

Everyone is crediting the sales to Halo Reach and Halo is a system saler. However I wonder if Kinect is a factor for the increase in numbers the 360 is seeing. The causal market is HUGE could MS finally be tapping into that market ?

nickjkl2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )


halo 3 wasnt the system seller and odst wasnt the system seller its reach thats the system seller

because we all know the one game thats supposed to "finish the fight"wasnt the game people were waiting for

ExplosionSauce2777d ago

Why are you even talking about PS3?
I sense a high level of insecurity.

[on topic]
I think 360 will do great with Reach. Although the whole next-Halo-not-from-Bungie thing I'm not so sure about. Gears 3 is also coming out.

Aside from that, 360 does well with multiplatform games so that might be able to help it hold out longer until it gets more games, IMO.

ozstar2777d ago

@bringitson, you got a source on that production drop of 40%?

Seems like its strange timing, being that its before Christmas and all.

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Stealth Disagreer2777d ago

Reach aint the last Halo game just the last one being developed by Bungie

kissmeimgreek2777d ago

Fable, Kinect, COD, Gears and thats only the biggest releases till march that i can think of.

kissmeimgreek2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

and im not talking about only exclusives, im talking about games that will keep the momentum and sales going. Thats why i didnt post all of the exclusives.

aceofspades2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

well 360 has killz.. littleb....wait! they have motors...actually i think they have infamou...

they have cod black ops (multi)

Neko_Mega2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Halo is a system seller, Halo has never stop being Microsoft's system seller.

Halo Wars sold like crazy, but the problem was everyone didn't know it wasn't like every other Halo game and their for sold it back. But for those who did.

Well the end up keeping it.

COD is a good game but after MW2, I think some people are going to be ifly about COD Black Ops.

Anyways, I got my copy of Halo Reach order and I'll get around to get PS Move.


Look at the sales of Fable Vs Fable 2, Fable 2 fail to even come close to beating the first one and didn't sell to many systems or copys.

Gears will help alot, I mean that game sells about as good as Halo.

Kinect I think we will see it sell good for awhile and then drop, I wouldn't put to much hope in something that only gets faimly's into.

COD...Already said my part one that ^-^

ForROME2777d ago

Heres whats funny,
first it was, Xbox will never sell against PS2, then it was, they wont make an Xbox 2, then it was HALO is all they have, then it was PS3 will crush Xbox 360, then it was all they have our FPS, then it was they are out of exclusives, then it was HALO reach is the only reason it selling

Do you see a trend here? Xbox made its mark, quit crying, pick up your dress and walk away from your tea party little girl

vhero2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

HALO is not a system seller as everybody who wants to play HALO has already got a 360 as they bought it for HALO 3.
@ForROME when Xbox (the first one) was released they all said it would crush PS2 and it outsold PS2 for quiet a while in the US. But it only lasted a year. Sony play the waiting game and are good for the long haul and looking at MS lineup for post Halo... Well seems they are once again losing interest in their flagship console.

fatstarr2776d ago

i really dont get it
wii dominates the market being its self for 4 years FOUR years.
all the wii had over the years was wii motion plus the rest of the competition changed to be like wii. like if everyone that wants a wii and ds has one and same for the ps3 and 360 what do they expect means time for the next gen. theres barely any more good games coming out thats non fps.

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Stealth Disagreer2777d ago

Everytime the wii slows down people always jump to conclusions and say RIP wii but then it comes back stronger than before...... give it time

kissmeimgreek2777d ago

itll be interesting to see it jump ahead with renewed competition from Kinect and Move

vhero2776d ago

The Wii is a tricky one but I wanna know who buying them I really do I never see anybody buying them anymore.. It's only got a few great games and 99% shovelware yet sells like hot cakes.. For that reason alone I want it to fail so Nintendo finally give us HD Mario/Zelda.

M4ndat0ry_1nstall2777d ago

How many do we actually need?

Gr812777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

how many months the 360 would have to continue outselling Wii for this to even matter? I love how sales matter the once or twice in a blue moon either HD console outsells the Wii for one month in any one Region.

And then once its back to business as usual, with Wii dominating, its no longer an issue and sales no longer matter.

Fine, you hate the Wii. And maybe it helps you sleep at night, living in your own little world where the Wii isn't the marketleader or that its doomed or whatever.

If you REALLY wanna do some investigative reporting, look below the surface. Look for things that are significant, but hiddden. Like for example, even though 360's hardware jumped, software remained stagnant. What does that tell you?

Well that would lead me to believe that perhaps these aren't new 360 owners but rather older ones who's box rrod'd or they wanted the slim model. And if that is the case. How significant are the 360's sales then?

dragon822777d ago

That is actually the most logical conclusion. Normally if you see a large spike in console sales you should also see a spike in software sales since people need to buy software to play on their new console. So this leads one to believe that most of the sales are to people who already own an Xbox 360. Either that or there are alot of new Xbox owners who plan on pirating software.

Moonboots2777d ago

They could also be buying all the back catalog games second hand.

I know of a person who bought a 360 recently and then went and bought a bunch of used games until Reach. Even newer titles like Alan Wake and Crackdown 2 you can already find for second hand.

Gr812777d ago

Absolutely, that is definitely a possible conclusion as well.

coolbeans2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

You're not listing all the possible reasons either. You can dig deeper and look empirically at the economy possibly playing a role, bumps around certain releases, connections to how well advertising may be for that month, etc. Looking at the shallow surface makes your "investigative journalism" just as useless as the websites your slandering.

Not trying to get on your case but you can't use "investigative journalism" and just make scratch-of-the-surface conclusions yourself.

Gr812777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

I can. Especially when I'm not the one who wrote this article. I didn't list all the possibilities because 1) I can't and 2) don't care enough to even attempt.

I'm just trying to get the ball rolling and show a different perspective. Which I did, apparently ; )

Have nothing against the site, just article pieces that slant info to fit a slim box they wish to put it in.

BornToKill2777d ago

hold on, let me get my crystal ball...

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