Great Concepts, Bad Games

It's a sad truth indeed that some terrible games in the past have actually had seriously solid ideas. A good idea does not automatically mean a good game, as demonstrated countless times by an industry that, more often than not, produces the very best products when creativity is all but bankrupt. A real shame, but that's the truth of the matter.

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GuruStarr782750d ago

I totally disagree with them on much that I will never take Gamesradar seriously, or go to their site for that matter......Nier was great fun, the only downside was the side missions, which could be skipped and the game was still close to 30 hours long......The graphics were not the greatest, but they were serviceable, the story was fantastic and the character movements were fast and smooth......

albel_nox2750d ago

Nier was truly a wonderful game. The story and characters were great. Nier also had one of my favorite soundtracks. The combat was much better than the writer claims. I have a hard time seeing what the problem is. Everybody is entitled to an opinion but I personally thought this game was very good.

Fulensenca2750d ago

Nier is a very solid game. Graphics are acceptable, nothing more, but all the rest was very well done.

I enjoyed a lot all the boss battles. An interesting title shamefully underestimated ( one of the most this generation ).

DanyBrown2750d ago

surprised alpha protocol isnt there

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skip2mylou2750d ago

alpha protocol isnt even bad, its fun and has a good story and gameplay

havethumbs2750d ago

Yeah I enjoyed Heavy Rain but it was not very well put together but the story and the idea of how the story can evolve is wonderful. Another game i would include on this list is Army of Two. I loved the idea of a game centered around coop but wow the controls and story were terrible.


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Dan502750d ago

GREAT concept BAD game.

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