Bioshock: PC vs Xbox 360

PC.IGN is supporting the first online review of the PC version of BioShock. Overall score was pretty darn high. Does the PC version play better?

If you're debating on to get the PC version, you will find that it handles better. In part it's because of the greater precision with the mouse and keyboard, but also with how the plasmids and weapons are selected. With the default setting RMB switches between two LMB fires and you use the mouse wheel instead of a redial menu to select specific plasmid or weapon.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4015d ago

PC > Consoles always espcially the X360 with all its "exclusives" coming on PC

Daytona4015d ago

I prefer no matter what game to play on my Xbox 360, the controller is made for gaming, I hate the keyboard mouse set up. I mean plaease who wants to use a friggin keyboard for gaming. never.

it seems that those who prefer a key/mouse are those that don't have a console or don't have games for there console.

No, I'll play and beat any PC gamer with my Xbox 360 and wireless controller while lounging on my sofa:)

ALI-G4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

hell even in that pc there is framer drops.that will coast like 5times more than 360. thanks i will stick to 360 version since there is no multiplayer and accuracy and speed of controller will be enough

@the retard below : i know mouse keyboard are better for accurecy and already mentioned thatearlier you [email protected]@ but if i have 360 why the hell will i invest in PC coast £2-3k just to get the litle bit extra accurcy especially there is no online multiplayer??? RETARD [email protected]@

JsonHenry4015d ago

Obviously the people who say that the gamepad is better for FPSer gaming have neve spent more than 10 minutes playing one with a keyboard mouse setup.

Simply put - a Mouse + keyboard DOES offer better precision and easier access to weapon selection than a gamepad.

The only problem you are having is that YOU have spent your whole life using gamepad and are too close minded to ever admit that a KB+M combo is better. (assuming you tried it to begin with)

Rageanitus4015d ago

Im a hardcore pc gamer,

and guess what I own a gcube, ps2, xbox 1, and ps3.

And the pc can plug a controller in it, and I can plug the computer to my projector in the living room.

You seem like a close minded console fanboy

i Shank u4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

ive used KB and mouse for years; now, i mostly use controllers, i was tired of being hunched up at a desk in a chair close to the monitor. i like the simplicity of controllers, and they rumble, something kb and mouse cant do very effectively. KB and mouse is better for aiming and sniping fo sho, and you can use 360 controllers (PS3 controllers too? i dont know) on PC if you want, but i prefer the value of a 300-400$ console versus pc. and does anyone else notice that tho devs have the option to use keyboard/mouse control on PS3, Epic is the only developer said to be using that feature? i guess alot people prefer the controller

RH064015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

Yes you can us the PS3 controller on the PC, and you can buy a nunchuck and mouse for the PS3 at gamestop if they ever get them in!! Got one and works perfecto!!

Wii60_FTW4015d ago

End of story. And before you get your panties in a bunch...yes, I own a highend PC.

nasim4015d ago

and understandably since x360 has a low powered CPU and processor

i am getting this for my PC

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SuperSaiyan44015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

Why? Well for the amounts of money one would eventually end up spending on 'upgrades' in the next few years or at present Xbox 360 games and PS3 games will continue to improve on visuals without the need to purchase a new graphics card or ram or new CPU.

Also no installations, drivers, patches etc are required.

To get the best visuals out of any PC game such as this you need a top end PC running with at least the latest 8800GTX card that card alone costs more than the Xbox 360 so you can do the math.

If you are a dedicated PC gamer then sure go ahead and buy what you want.

But the way things are looking on the games consoles they have a very good future ahead.

I am going to quote this with a quoted reply:

[quote]On our gaming PC running a Core 2 Quad processor with a GeForce 8800 GTX, and 4 GB of RAM, it ran very well, with only a few occasions of seemingly random framerate hitches[/quote]

Well there ya go. Even on a $2000+ machine you will have less than perfect performance. Couple that with loss of sales due to rampant piracy and you have the continued decline of PC gaming amongst the masses

There you go I rest my case.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4015d ago

You forgot X360 break downs a lot FAN BOY

Daytona4015d ago

Besides, the Xbox 360 has a free 3 yr. warranty, so no problem.

ASSASSYN 36o4015d ago

As if PC`s are perfect machines or something. Updates, viruses, and incomparability issues. Crimson pup what perfect world are you from? Can the rest of us come to your imaginary world?

i Shank u4015d ago

i had a 360 since launch, play it like a crackhead, it broke may this year. yea i was pissed about it, but i have friends who got PS2's at launch that broke way sooner then it took my 360 to. does the 360 break more then Ps2 did? i think so, but that just my opinion. anyways, my friend had to pay for his Ps2 repair, i didnt have to pay for my 360 repair, and even if i did it would have been refunded. in short, you sound like the fanboy. 360 is a good console; Virtual Boy, now that was a bad one

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xbox360elitegamer4015d ago

I find that on PC the game will be better just like the article said.

carlman234015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

But I ain't got the dough to drop on a Vista-enabled DX10 system right now, so I'll settle for the 'sloppy seconds' version of the game ;-) . The game looks absolutely amazing on the 360 regardless though; when I got out of the water and saw the flames at the beginning of the demo, I hadn't realized that the cutscene had stopped playing the darned thing was so gorgeous!

ThaGeNeCySt4015d ago

I just don't have the money to spend on a super gaming rig to play this game... i'll just drop $30 and buy it for 360 =)

codeazrael4015d ago

AAA games normally stay at regular retail longer than a year. If you havent played the demo, do it. You will see why money shouldnt be an object when talking about this game.

i Shank u4015d ago

im with you Genetcyst. Ill be getting bioshock on tuesday for about $30, thanks to trade in. yea its a rip off, but trading in 1 or 2 games i dont play anymore for one i will play, and saving $30, is better then staring them. also, can anyone suggest the best way to sell games?