Top 15 best PSOne games to play during the 15th anniversary of the system

The top 15 best PSOne games to play during the system's 15th anniversary.

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EL1TE2897d ago

Final Fantasy VII, GT2 and Castlevania are my 3 favorite games of all time for the PSOne.

mjolliffe2897d ago

I always have and always will love Gran Turismo 2, Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped and Final Fantasy VII. Oh, and I can;t forget my MGS :)

N4GAddict2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

MGS is a classic

EL1TE2897d ago

I have all Final Fantasy games for the PSOne, those big boxes with 4 CDs (Think 7 is 3 CDs not sure). I loved Final Fantasy IX more than VIII because the story was intense and mini games were a lot of fun. Anyway i just gave an example of a game for each genre i've played mostly. FF is RPG, GT2 Racing and Castlevania a platform action game.

kratos1232897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Man screw this list there is just only 1 epic ps1 game I won't ever forget ff tactics the war of the lions is the best game ever made in my opinion it hurts my to think that sqauresoft is dead and I won't ever play such an amazing game Damn the story alone in that game is the best story made fore a ff se I hate if I could turn back time I would go back and stop sakaguchi from making that stupid ff movie

Spydr072897d ago

I loved Tactics, as well. I'm glad I beat it once before looking up faqs about the game to find the gay Calculator class crap. Calculator + speed + Holy = Godlike against nearly all maps. I still think it was one of my favorite FF games, ever.

I can't agree about FF IX...the age of the heroes killed it for me. The adolescent love story is perverse...and a six year old black mage? Really? What's next, babies save the world? "Jebediah readies 'Diaper Smash!'"

N4GAddict2897d ago

FF8 and MGS were my favorites

darkdoom30002897d ago

Same, I liked 8 more than 7.

2897d ago
playstation_clan2897d ago

i love you ps1, i love you ps2, i love you psp, i love you ps3

pay respect

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The story is too old to be commented.