Top Ten Final Fantasy Heroes

AC: A collection of the best heroes from a series spanning thirteen, soon to be fourteen, games.

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ingiomar2627d ago

Cloud should be number 1

sdtarm2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

I mean YES, sry for the disagree i was confused, he should deff be number one, still the list is not that bad

FiftyFourPointTwo2627d ago

My number one: RAMZA BEOULVE.

If you played FFT and really try to feel his story, you'll understand why.

CimmerianDrake2625d ago

Is definitely a good choice. *SPOILER* Risks his life, becomes a pariah, amasses enemy after enemy, and let's Delita take the credit for saving the world after he in fact is the one that does. That's a hero. *END SPOILER*

Eamon2625d ago

I don't understand how Terra made up there. She was hardly anything special apart from being and Esper.

And how an FF12 character made it onto this list, let alone being number 1, is incomprehensible.

HydraxFFx2625d ago

Forget risking your life, Tidus gave his away to save the women he loved.

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pwnd_of_lol2627d ago

cecil is the only protagonist of a final fantasy game i like other than the ones from final fantasy 6

", the beauty of a woman, the strength of a man, the wisdom of a elder with the body of a warrior"


antz11042625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

Cloud not #1, plus no Barret or Vincent? Concurred, crap list.

...and WHERE'S SID?!?!

albel_nox2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

I liked Fang, Tifa, Auron, and Squall the most out of these characters. Balthier was also cool and the only bright spot of FF12 to me. I also would have added Lulu from FFX.

rekof2625d ago

Yes ! ,... Auron has a drinking problem though ,.. :)

CimmerianDrake2625d ago

Only if you use Tornado every chance you can. Otherwise, you never really see him take a sip out of that jug.

Homicide2627d ago

Squall & Cloud should be lower. You know what, they shouldn't be on the list. Cloud had amnensia and thought he was someone he wasn't. Also, he spent most of his time in a wheelchair. Squall is one big emo. Rarely talks and interacts with people.

Zidane and Ramza are better than those two. I would place Cecil higher. Balthier @ #1 is surprising to see.

CimmerianDrake2625d ago

Who says you have to talk or interact with people to pick up a blade and kick Sorceress ass?

MrRipper2625d ago

I'm guessing you don't know what an emo is.

darkdoom30002625d ago

Squalls awesome. He seems to have grown up a little in Dissida and KH. which makes him more likable.

PLUS: GUNBLADE best weapon. Executing his limit break on dissida is so enjoyable.

MachinaMaw2625d ago

Aerith didn't make the list? :(

Homicide2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

Well she did die, which forced the others to handle the problem for the majority of the game.

Newtype2625d ago

He deserves to be up there.

GusBricker2625d ago

...more from FF9, myself.

Eamon2625d ago


Aerith, Zidane, Vivi, Kain. lol

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The story is too old to be commented.