Gamersmint Review : Shank – Good Ol Arcade action

Gamersmint : I usually get bored with arcade games, but Shank was something different. Highly addictive while packing quiet a challenge and having a great pacing to it, Shank demanded my attention like few other arcade games have ever managed to.

However, Is Shank worth the money? Is this 2D scroller a refreshing change than your usual bunch of arcade games in the market today? Let’s shank our way and find out!

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cyborg2746d ago

the most fun I have had in recent time playing a downloadable game.

N4GAddict2746d ago

Yeah. It was very underrated.

wdeath2746d ago

Absolutely Love the Game. Thumbs up!

prongs1232746d ago

the best fundo game of all times :D. Shank, been waiting a long time for u baby!

N4GAddict2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Shank is great.