Halo: Reach Load Comparison, Installed vs Not Installed

Installing a game to your Xbox 360 HDD can be quite beneficial for some games by decreasing load times but, in some cases, the game can actually take longer to load -- Halo 3. With Halo: Reach set to launch on September 14th, many may wonder if they should install the game on their HDD and invest 6.6GB of space so they can enjoy Halo: Reach at an optimal level.

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Joule2815d ago

Wow installing it really saves alot of time.

Joule2815d ago

You have betrayed us... you damn xbot

LordMarius2815d ago

You are right, I should probably change my avatar. Im no longer worthy

m232815d ago

So when are you getting your xbox anyway?

CryWolf2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Yo El Jugador these days everybody is getting both consoles for a better gaming experience like Halo Reach and God Of War we would like to play those games not sticking with one console.

Cerberus292815d ago

I agree. Having both consoles is awesome. I can play Gears of War then turn around and play God of War. Maybe play some Killzone followed by some Halo. That's why I hate fanboys of BOTH consoles, they're both great with their own strengths.

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iPad2815d ago

Couldn't Bungie do what Guerilla Games is doing? Everything streamed, so no loading times.

Arnon2814d ago

Killzone 2 is not streamed in terms of what you're talking about, because there are most certainly load times, and they're usually masked by a cutscene.

Snakefist302814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Not Killzone 2 But Killzone 3 has Stream loadings.

NeutralGamer2814d ago

Having both consoles is like having the best from 2 worlds..

2 bad I can't afford 3 consoles (already got the Wii) :I

Game pricis is also increasing..

Games going from 40 $ to 100 $ (In my country its 100 $ for a game)

CombatEvolving2815d ago

Time to free up some space on my pitiful 20GB HDD.

BiggCMan2815d ago

ill be getting the 250gb reach bundle, so ill have lots of space =D

CombatEvolving2815d ago

I would if college didn't have me so poor.

DarkBlood2815d ago

you would install it anyways for wear and tear reasons no ?

T9X692815d ago

Yea if you plan on shaking you're 360 like kids shake presents at Christmas. I've had my copy of Fable 2 since the midnight launch, never installed it and there isn't a single scratch on it, and that goes for all my games. Taking care of your games helps a lot.

STICKzophrenic2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

I think he means wear and tear on the laser and disc drive. You still need the game in the console, so you still have to handle it.

I could be mistaken though.

My oldest game(s), Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and Dead or Alive 4, are still in mint condition.

I'll probably play some campaign first, and then I'll install it the next day or something.

DarkBlood2815d ago

well i install because its an option and apart the fact that i bought one of those 60 pro models that was on sale 200 dollars at future shop it makes a loud noise if the game is not installed, lucky if one of them makes minimal noise sometimes, but im thinking about either getting a bigger harddrive and or getting one of those slims

AliTheBrit192815d ago

I've got all of my 26 games installed on my HDD

Joule2815d ago

How many hardrives do you have

coolbeans2815d ago

That would only take up about 150 gigs of space. I have around 30 installed on mine (which is a 250gig).

ambientFLIER2815d ago

He probably has one 250gb HDD.

SixZeroFour2815d ago

hope you dont have halo 3 installed...prolly the only game that loads slower when installed to harddrive

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