Why The Pro Guitar Will Fail

A look at why the Pro guitar, for all of its awesome bells and whistles, will not be widely adopted this October.

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2870d ago
SilentNegotiator2870d ago

LOL, all of those kids who quit school to win Guitar Hero/Rock Band tournaments/competitions may as well just learn how to play real instruments.

Redempteur2870d ago

the pro mode will not be widely used but that was a necessary step/evolution for the music genre in video games IMO

cowsvils2870d ago

However, do gamers want to make that leap? Do they want to make that step from virtual musicianship to real musicianship?

Redempteur2869d ago

well i'm glad i have that choice ..

krouse932869d ago

As someone who plays real guitar casually but doesn't have enough motivation to become more than a bellow average guitarist. I feel that since I enjoy gaming more so than just dedicating time to Jamming out on guitar, this will provide enough motivation to finnally allow me to focus on learning how to play songs and become a decent guitarist. Because of the fun factor involved in gaming.

And with the Fender hybrid electric guitar/rockband guitar it will make it much easier for me to focus on learning guitar both wile gaming and while jamming out reading tabs.

Baka-akaB2869d ago

well some morons have been complaining at least 3 years in a row that it doesnt really teach you music and instruments .
Wich is true , as its only a game and was never implied by anyone .

And now that suddenly an option , i repeat , an option , add some learning tools to the experience , they still wanna complain ...

dorron2869d ago

As music games become more and more similar to reality most people will quit playing as playing a real guitar is not an easy thing. Most gamers will probably find it too hard and be unmotivated to play.


i feel the opposite that it will benifit people with a more motivating way of learning the guitar

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The story is too old to be commented.