Fox News: Sony CEO on Playstation Move

"Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Jack Tretton on the new motion gaming system."

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jwk942629d ago

Yeah, but the interviewer was making stupid comments, and asking stupid questions. Why would online gaming, or Apple be a threat to Sony?

tplarkin72629d ago

Their job is to get the scoop at all costs. Their like police, only not as brave.

Darkfocus2629d ago

the scoop on what? she was asking stupid questions that had nothing to do with anything.

Motorola2629d ago

Even FOX is interested in Move..Nice job Sony

N4PS3Fanboys2629d ago

I believe that's actually a bad thing.

UP2629d ago

yea how so they have a shit load of viewers.

pixelsword2628d ago

N4PS3Fanboys is right; I wouldn't want to play games with someone that believes that Fox news is a real news station.

Kira832628d ago

because everyone knows that if you want to push a new piece of hardware you do it on the Jimmy Falene show in brightly coloured jumpers.

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PopEmUp2628d ago

as Sony get those suckers attention it be better than any marketing campaign

jwk942629d ago

Getting my article reported means that it had some not allowed content in it right? What content isn't allowed?

Focker-4202629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

I really don't understand why you can't link directly to youtube. I mean its a video from Fox News. Keyword- 'News'

edit: I looked and there wasn't a single article related to this anywhere, just the youtube link.

T9X692629d ago

Because Youtube is not a valid source because anyone can make videos, even if the video is from Fox news, so by eliminating Youtube all together we wont get fake videos. Instead of linking it to youtube, you link it to Fox news, and if its a video from Fox news chances are its on their website.

BiggCMan2629d ago

kinda like what kotaku did with that gt5 loading screen video lol. stupid asses.

LordMarius2629d ago

Can you give me the Youtube link, video is not working for me

Focker-4202629d ago

LMAO. I'm going to assume you're joking but heres the link anyway...

HeroXIV2629d ago

I wish Sony provided maybe some real in-game footage instead of tech demo stuff. It wasn't even the cool tech demo it was that weird odd-looking non-complete robot thing. I know... huge technology behind that but when the average joe who doesn't come to websites for gaming sees that but then he sees a fully blown advert for another system... he (or she) will be like WTF I know which one I'm buying.

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The story is too old to be commented.