Spike-Deca Sports Freedom - Kinect Walkthrough (Cam)

A walkthrough of boxing, tennis and more in Deca Sports Freedom on easy mode.

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Bigpappy2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

That is Hudson Soft's game. Have you seen it in the Wii? The Wii version will be ported to Move, so you can get that "Superior Version". Have you see Kinect Sports? Kinect will be fine. This game is average or below, but will work for an even younger crowd and non-gamers.

Here is a real gamer after playing Kinect Sports:

rekof2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Yes sure buddy,..seen Virtua Tennis 4 (from original guys)

Eurogamer quote :
''The Move integration is another matter. It changes everything, not only how you play the game, but how you'll want to play it. VT2009 felt like a half-step compared to this. Motion control is finally being applied in ways that work, and it's accurate enough now to be more than a novelty. It's a shame that such a lot of bad will has been built up around it in the gaming community, because it's got more potential for traditional games now than it's ever had. ''

yes it is the same,..

Maybe because he did not throw a punch ,.. lol waggle waggle ,..same with pingping kid vid ,. waggle waggle !! dad was just hahaha ! no you have to swing,. Move shits on Kinect big time,.. and that is not a fanboy statement

Jazz41082868d ago

That's because move is a flamin pile of $hit so it leaves a mess wherever it moves too.

jwk942868d ago

Dude, don't post flamebait.

aceitman2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

that video is so 360 fanboy bias wow he speaks so well of the kinect but he is ( he is ) playing the lights out demo there is no telling what he is doing to make it look bad how bout if he didnt calibrate the move controllers and that is how it looks he might even have a controller that belongs to a different eye cam nice try though and he didnt even show the guy play kinect was the lag to bad to show

N4GAddict2868d ago

That doesn't look very good.

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darren_poolies2868d ago

Jesus this looks awful, like a really bad WiiSports rip off. I don't think I will be purchasing Kinect, every game that has been shown for it has left a sour taste in my mouth. The ONLY cool thing I have heard about it, is how it is going to be used in Ghost Recon but apart from that. :/

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