Thunderbolt: Metroid: Other M Review

Thunderbolt writes: "It’s not easy being Samus Aran. She’s the most badass bounty hunter in the galaxy…but that’s all anyone cares about. Everyone knows about her insanely powerful weapons, legendary battles, and the mass destruction she’ll inevitably trigger. But they all forget something far more important: there’s a person hiding beneath those layers of impenetrable armor and advanced technology. Not just the cold and calculating killer, but an introspective, flawed, and vulnerable individual. Such things don’t make her weak; they make her human. No one considers what life must be like for her. Losing her parents as a child, being raised as a warrior by aliens, getting drafted into an intergalactic military before going solo…it’s a miracle she’s survived this long. Despite all of her bravery and heroism, Samus is still treated as a pariah. It never occurs to anyone that maybe, just maybe, she might want - need - something more".

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