PSP Emulation On PS3 in the Works

"Dimmudroid has announced that he has been working on project that lets you play PSP games on your PS3. he has commented saying that this is a work in progress, and he has taken a few steps in the right direction and is currently looking for some help in testing his project. We at will keep you updated as more is known."

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ZombieAutopsy2568d ago

They should get it up and running on PC's first.

nickjkl2568d ago

theirs already psp emulation on pc

4pocalyps32568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

Does it run smoothly? If so, details please :)

But OT I wouldn't really want to get the PSP working on the PS3. Isn't the whole reason of the PSP for it to be portable, hence, "Playstation PORTABLE"

I know what I said is kinda hypocritical because of what I said at the start of this comment. But I'd still want to play the games on the PSP itself when on the way to uni or work.

WildArmed2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

PSP emulation is horrible on PC atm.
Most games dont work, and the ones that do, dont work so well xD

Give it a few more years? -.-

But according to StylizedPlayer (@1.2), it's easier on Ps3.
That's very interesting to hear!
If they do activate psp emulation on ps3, i'mma go buy MGS psp games on PStore asap! :D

nickjkl2568d ago

the question wasnt was it fully working it was if their was psp emulation on pc which is true

0mega42567d ago

play peace walker and ghost of sparta on my ps3 with my dual shock

i would even get plus to do so.

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StylizedPlayer2568d ago

It's easier on PS3 since they're so similar and mini games already work on PS3. With PC it's incredibly difficult to get an emulator working which is why SNES emulator STILL doesn't have a 100% playable library.

Dramscus2568d ago

The ps3 already has psp emulation files sitting in it's file base. They probably just need to be added to a bit.

sayonara892568d ago

It's not full emulation, it's just for minis.

Non_sequitur2568d ago

PSone games can be played on both PS3 and PSP like FF7.

JoySticksFTW2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

Playing FFVII right now on PSP

Next up is MGS one or Tomb Raider

Might play MGS on PS3 though

DufferO82568d ago

haven used my psp in years

Drummerdude412568d ago

Lol ill take it and use it like a champ

Lombax2568d ago

That's because you never bought any games for it...

Rocket Sauce2568d ago

Load it up with SNES/Genesis games and it becomes pretty sweet.

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The story is too old to be commented.